Background & Description

1.      Objective of the Assignment;

The objective of this assignment is to design and conduct Pre-KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and practices)survey to know the existing situation on physical and humiliating punishment (PhP)at Khanewal, Punjab.


2.      Scope and Methodology;

The selected consultant/s will prepare detailed inception plan of survey and will carry-out activities of Pre-KAP survey, such as: Household survey, Focus group discussions (F.G.Ds), Key informant interviews and other relevant research methods in targeted districts. S/he may use a mix of methodologies including F.G.Ds, key informant interviews and household surveys to arrive at the data. The consultant/s will be responsible for obtaining required reviews and approvals for the research protocol, conducting and overseeing the field research, developing the data collection tools, providing data collection training, collecting data and ensuring the quality of the study. S/hewill be developing a field guideline so that a standard of data collection method could be followed in the field. S/he will be compiling the findings, conducting the data analysis and writing the research report. The pre-KAP survey will comprise but not limited to below sectors:


2.1  Homes;

The consultant/s are expected to select households /homes of the pre-selected communities in Khanewal. S/he may conduct interview with head of the household. A mixed balance of gender should be maintained while doing interviews. Socio-economic, rural-urban or cultural aspects may be categorized for classification of households. S/he will seek data about perception and practices used to discipline children at homes. S/he shall cover methods used by parents /guardians to discipline children at homes. Data against reasons for practicing PhP should be gathered for analysis in survey report.


3.2 Community Level;

S/he will be conduct survey of pre-selected communities in Khanewal may randomly select sample size of population by considering the overall census / situational analysis of the communities and standard method of research sampling. S/he should consider the socio-economic indicators during sampling. Similarly the rural-urban and gender context should be taken into account. General stereotypes and myths associated in favor or against of PhP in society may be covered in survey. S/he will assess and collect data against existing protection or exploitation conditions in respective communities, with regard to children rights. S/he will be responsible to cover the preview of civil society organizations working at grassroots level on PhP.


3.3 School Level;

A general research-based 25 schools are pre-selected as sample size for survey. Mix combination of level and nature, e.g. primary, secondary, boys and girls schools should be considered. The consultant/s is expected to cover maximum aspects which directly or indirectly encourage /influence teachers, non-teaching staff and parents for corporal punishment to children. S/he expected to assess practices and methods used to discipline children both physical and psychological within premises of education facility. The students’ record in terms of drop-out and absenteeism would be collected for further analysis. S/he may seek information about engagement of School Management Committees (S.M.Cs) in relation to school matters.

1.      ocation of Pre-KAP Survey;

The outreach of assignment is limited to Khanewal, district of Punjab.

1.      Key Deliverable of the Assignment;

1.1  Holding preliminary meeting with PLYC to discuss ToRs, scope and timelines of Pre-KAP survey. 

1.2  Desk review of existing material, policies and laws banning corporal punishment / PhP within context of Punjab and finalization of sampling size for survey.

1.3  Design and prepare tools including data-base for data-collection from field and relevant stakeholders, and getting those reviewed before approval.

1.4  Design, prepare and submit detailed research plan / inception plan to undertake Pre-KAP survey at targeted districts. 

1.5  Submission of logistics plan to carry-out survey activities in program districts.

1.6  Data analysis and submission of preliminary report for review

1.7  Prepare and submit final narrative analytical report with survey findings and recommendations to PLYC on PhP.

1.      Timeline

35 working days from signing of agreement

Requirements and Skills

1.      Key Competencies, technical background and experience required

Post Graduate degree in the field of education, human rights, international development, women’s studies and/or other related social sciences from local or international recognized institute;

1.1  Strong understanding of children rights, education and gender issues; understanding of planning and holding surveys at broader level. Familiarity with the national, provincial (Punjab context) education, child protection and development context.

1.2  Experience in planning, management, monitoring and analysis with regard to holding similar research assignments within rural context of Punjab. Candidates with strong research background would be encouraged to apply.

1.3  Strong interpersonal skills and analytical skills. It may include demonstrated ability to interact effectively in cross-cultural environments, groups and with representatives from different stakeholder groups including civil society and government authorities.

1.4  Strong written and oral communication in English.


Post Graduate degree in the field of education, human rights, international development, women’s studies and/or other related social sciences from local or international recognized institute

How to Apply

1.      How to Apply;

Interested candidates /consulting firms are requested to submit the following documents on the postal / email address given below not later than 25th May 2018.


In case of Individual Consultant/s:

1.      Technical proposal containing detailed CV/s and suggested methodology

2.      Financial proposal

3.      CNIC of lead consultant and N.T.N number

In case of consulting firms:

1.      Copy of registration certificate and detailed organization profile

2.      CV/s of consultants/ personnel to be assigned for the assignment

3.      Technical Proposal containing suggested methodology for undertaking Pre-KAP survey

4.      Financial Proposal


1.1  Address for Submission of Proposals:


Address: 11 Civil Lines, Khanewal

Tel: 0652556786

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