Established in 2005

Head office at Sukkur

Societies Registration Act 1860


Management And Governance Network (MAGNETS Sindh) is Civil Society Organization work with partners as a networking MAGNETS Sindh formed in 2003 and registered in 2005 under society act 1860. Registered No; SK- 1518 lead by professionally trained volunteer young Male and Female representing in social development sector in Sindh which strive for sustainable development and exploitation of Human rights, social and economic justice through advocacy for the development of deprived rural-urban communities.MAGNETS Sindh is working customarily for the disadvantaged segments of the society without any discrimination of color, cast and creed on secular basis through promoting social justice peace and harmony At present the strength of membership is 25 male and female CBOs belonging to rural and urban areas. MAGNET is facilitating the capacity building process for its partners and providing information to the partners, and preparing them for Evidence based advocacy.The MAGNETS Sindh is devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of non-profits organizations to assist non-profits in fulfilling their mission. By supporting, learning the training of activists and professionals, developing educational materials and programming and community-building through networking and linkages.