About Us

Pak-NGOs is an ambitious project of a few individuals who aim to facilitate coordination among NGOs in Pakistan. It provides them a platform to share information, exchange views, and raise concerns about issues they are working on, and/or the issues they face while working for the betterment of the people of Pakistan.

Currently, Pak-NGOs has introduced 4 features on the website, and one strictly moderated mailing group on Google Groups. The four features include:

An online live directory of NGOs working in Pakistan: It includes all national as well as international NGOs currently working in the country. The directory contains brief profiles of NGOs with their contact information. The NGOs can create their own profiles, and update them whenever they need.

Jobs Portal: NGOs can post their vacant positions. The posts are strictly moderated, and approved within 48 hours of submission. These job posts are then shared on Pak-NGOs’ social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Funding Opportunities: Pak-NGOs team looks out for funding opportunities for Pakistan based NGOs. Such opportunities are posted on the website with key information, and relevant links for further information.

News and Views: People can write blogs and articles on various issues, and can share information about their projects, upcoming and/or just completed activities.

This website is managed by a small team of volunteers, and it does not charge its users or clients (NGOs and INGOs) for its services. Team Pak-NGOs is working hard to make it financially viable, and self-sustained project that does not depend on donor support for its survival.