Collecting Data on Joblessness in Pakistan’s Development Sector

This is in continuation of our efforts to develop a case for improving policy environment for NGOs in Pakistan. Pak NGOs, in consultation with the NGOs Action Committee (NAC), has developed this form to collect data about people who lost their jobs due to the State policies. We request you to fill this form ONLY if it is applicable to you because we want to collect authentic data.

Who should FILL this form?

If you were were working for any CBO/NGO/INGO, and lost your job due to government policies. If your organization had to close its offices, or halt implementation of a project because it could not get permission from relevant government authorities (MOU with EAD, or NOC from district administration). If your organization’s donor agency could not transfer money, or your organization could not open a bank account.

Who should NOT fill this form?

  • If you lost your job for any personal reason – for example you resigned, or you were fired from your job because your manager was not happy with your work (no matter how good you were at it).
  • If you lost your job because the project you were working on was completed.
  • If you lost your job because of Covid2019
  • If your loss of job was,  in no way, connected to government’s policies/procedures.

Your deadline for filling the form is: September 27, 2020

Here is your link to the form. Kindly follow the instructions given in the form.

Joblessness in the Development Sector

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