Background & Description

PMS is looking for a consultant to deliver teachers’ training sessions on the Joyful Learning approach for the teachers and SMC/PTC members of 20 selected primary schools in the area of intervention.  The consultant will review and combine the training resources, material pertinent to the relevant laws, best practices, keeping in view cultural norms and traditions to bring positive impact in the lives of the children through building the capacities of the teachers and SMC/PTC members. The consultant is expected to use an interactive, engaging training style based on the principles of adult education.  To successfully complete this assignment, it is essential for the consultant to be fluent in his/her ability to read and write Pashto.   

Training Methodology:

The training should be interactive and participatory based on adult learning principles. There should be a mix of lectures, exercises, group work, practical examples and practice in a controlled environment.  The language for workshop materials and facilitation is desired to be Pashto.

Consultancy Objectives:

  • To prepare for the teacher training and materials on Joyful Learning, and by coordinating with PMS staff in advance of the training regarding presentation style and training methodologies.
  • To deliver a 3-day training on Joyful Learning for primary school teachers
  • To submit a detailed narrative report on the training with his/her recommendations after completion of the training.  

 Specific Activities/Tasks to Be Carried Out:

  • The PMS team will provide a detailed orientation of the consultancy assignment and expectations for training style and methodology.
  • The consultant will be expected to share the resources and meet (in-person or Skype) with the project team one week in advance of the training to finalize the training resources and review the training plan.
  • The consultant will be expected to incorporate PMS staff feedback to the draft training materials. 
  • The consultant will carry out the training per established training plan while using the defined resources.
  • The consultant will spend one day post-training with staff from PMS and its partner to walk them through the facilitation guide developed and to provide guidance on replicating the training with other teachers.
  • The consultant will have 5 days to prepare training materials, 3 days to facilitate the training and 1 day to provide training guidance to project staff. 


  • Training agenda outlining sessions and activities to be used
  • Facilitation guide for trainers (including training agenda outlining sessions and activities within them as well as tips for trainers on how to lead each session)
  • Packet of materials for teachers with information from the training for their reference and future use (e.g. summary of techniques, list and brief description of activities presented)
  • Short (1-2 pages) monitoring tool such as a classroom observation checklist/form that PMS staff can use post-training to monitor and mentor teachers in the use of techniques addressed in the training 
  • Final report submitted to the PMS project team, including results from evaluation of teachers’ familiarity with the content pre- and post-training, consultant’s assessment of the success and relevance to the teachers of each training module, consultant’s assessment of teachers’ participation and potential to implement techniques taught, and feedback from participants at the end of the training (disaggregated by teacher and project staff)

Consultancy Specifications:

  • The consultant must work from Besham during the period of the training. 
  • All materials developed during this consultancy will remain the property of PMS Pakistan. The consultant shall not reproduce these materials or documents in any way for distribution, press release, publicity or use as a publicly distributed material. 

For more information, please see the detailed TORs for Consultancy

How to Apply

The deadline for submitting both technical and financial proposal is November 20, 2017 at 10:00 AM sharp. All the sealed envelopes (financial and technical proposal) delayed than the deadline would be rejected. The applications can also be handed over on the office address. The name of consultant or firm should be mentioned on the envelope with clearly highlighted as “CFICDP Teacher and SMC Training 2017”. The address on which the proposals must be dispatched is mentioned below: House No. 346, Street#33, Sector G-14/4, Islamabad. The proposals both sealed technical and financial must be dispatched separately highlighting the name of the applicant. The proposals must be addressed to the procurement manager of PMS. No other means for sending proposals would be entertained other than courier/postage or by hand at the office address.

About Organization

Formed in 2004, Pak Mission Society (PMS) is a national relief and development organisation. PMS was initiated by a group of Christian professionals whose collective vision was to bring hope and love by responding to human suffering and disasters through emergency relief efforts and delivering long term rehabilitation and development programmes.