Background & Description

The deadline has been extended. Earlier deadline was 30th Nov, now it is 4th December. (Pak-NGOs Team)

Khwendo Kor (Upper Dir) is implementing Program for Poverty Reduction (PPR) with financial support of PPAF, with the objective to reduce poverty through creation of sustainable social and economic development condition including increase in income and production capacity.

KK has planned to build capacity of the “Community Resource Persons (CRPs)” on Olive Farming / Top Working, machinery caring technician. The CRPs included community, farmers and  other activist.

One training of 7 days will be conducted.

Objectives of the training

  • To build the capacity of CRPs on Oliver farming, grafting and top working.
  • To engage CRPs on regular basis through developing community sessions action plan.
    1. Duration: One training of 7 days
    2. Dates: December 2017
    3. Venue: Upper Dir

Language: Pashtu

Content and module:


The sessions and course content will cover the following topics

  • Basic Olive farming techniques,
  • Grafting & Cutting , spray ets
  • Top Working, machinery caring technician
  • Marketing of Olive products.



The participants will be from Upper Dir, chitral, Swat and Bajaur Agency related to different segment of life.



  • The methodology of the course will be participatory, experiential and practical work.

Payment plan:


  • Upon the completion of training course 50% of the total payment
  • Upon submission of final training report 50% of the total payment
Requirements and Skills

Consultant Expertise:


  1. Consultant should have in-depth and strong knowledge regarding Olive related activities specially on community level.
  2. Masters/post Graduate degree in agriculture.
  3. Proven knowledge of social & development sector particularly in the fields of capacity building and knowledge about local issues regarding Olive.
  4. At least 5 years experience in trainings particularly community level capacity development trainings.
  5. Expertise in development of training module.
  6. Fluency in English/Urdu and Pashto.

Resource persons and their responsibility


  • To deliver the training within time frame.
  • Each CRP will carry-out an assignment/ activity/ session in their respective villages after the training. The Resource persons will responsible for technical guidance and support in developing action plan according to PPAF/PPR formats.
  • Developing training report, training contents and module
How to Apply

The consultant should send the following documents:

  1. CV
  2. Agenda
  3. Schedule of deliverables
  4. Financial proposal (lump sum)
  5. Module of training
  6. Cover letter

to the following email addresses:





About Organization

Khwendo Kor, a Pashto language word meaning “Sisters’ Home” is a non-profit, non-partisan organization registered in 1993 under Societies Act 1860. It is a participatory development initiative, focusing on the active involvement of the communities especially women and children.

KK initiates its activities by involving people after selection of communities to work with and establishes women and men (separate) Community Organizations, which represent targeted communities to execute project interventions and gain sustainability. Regarding this, KK established Village Education Committees supervise school management and ensure education standards in target districts. Women and Child Friendly Spaces are also running and mobilizing women to take action for their wellbeing. KK efforts for peace building and women are encouraged to take ownership of their rights as well as are capacitated to earn a respectable living. KK also sensitizes community and other stakeholders about conflicts impact on women and GBV; provides protection, health awareness and relief to victims of GBV and IDPs.