Background & Description

The objective of the assignment is to design and conduct an effective fivedays training of Layya based birth attendant to help them understand the basics of Safe Delivery Concepts and Practices.  The consultant is expected to do the following as part of the completion of assignment:

  1. Design and conduct five-days training on safe delivery concepts and practices (day refers to at least 10 hours of work including lunch and tea breaks).
  2. Develop an illustration based handbook containing information regarding safe delivery concepts and practices
  3. Agenda of the training
  4. Evaluated Pre-Post Knowledge Test of each trainee
  5. Attendance sheet of trainees for five days
  6. Overall training report with photos

Please submit the following:

  1. Cover letter to indicate interest and availability for the assignment on immediate basis;
  2. Detailed CV of the consultant;
  3. One page methodology explaining the overall approach for conducting the assignment in view of item 1 above;
  4. Cost of consultancy services (only fee) including all taxes;
  5. Contact details (phone, email) and indicate your gender and disability type if any.

(The Consultant is required to start immediately.)

How to Apply

The interested consultants are requested to submit the required documents stated under point 2 above at the following email: by Friday Nov 23, 2017. Any consultant if would approach any of the team members of CHIP through informal channels would be rejected.

Women and persons with disability would get an equal opportunity for work and are encouraged to apply.  The interested consultants may raise clarification questions on the above stated email by Nov 20, 2017.

About Organization

Initially a Swiss NGO Programme, Civil Society HID Programme (CHIP), gradually progressed into a value-led national HID support organization. It has been working for over a decade in strengthening Civil Society Organizations towards the betterment and development of the disadvantaged. CHIP’s scope of work places the emphasis of its efforts on Human and Institutional Development (HID) – the rationale being that HID – is the foundation of any development strategy. It provides the framework as well as the fuel for translating ideas into action. In all scenarios, even when strategies are similar, the difference between success and failure is determined by how well people are prepared to achieve goals and how well their organizations are able to support them. Through its proven HID approach, CHIP improves and strengthens organizations at human, organizational and institutional levels to achieve programme efficiency and effectiveness. In October 2004, CHIP registered as a not for profit organisation under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance. Since then it has been working as an independent organisation on a wide range of development topics.