Background & Description

Job Objectives:

To provide oversight of compliance function established for the AFGP ensuring that all requirements applicable to contracts, subcontracts, grant agreements, applicable laws and regulations have been complied with by the contractors, sub-contractors and grantees.

Regular Tasks

  • Supervision of compliance reporting against the provisions of contract between USAID, TDEA, subcontractors and grantees as required.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable USG / Agency laws and regulations such as Federal Acquisition Regulations, Code of Federal Regulations, Office of Budget and Management Circulars, Automated Directive System, AID Acquisition Regulations, Acquisition & Assistance Policy Directives, Contract Information Bulletins etc.
  • Ongoing review of available checklists, in line with policies and procedures of TDEA and USAID regulations (FARs, AIDARs, CFRs, OMBs, ADS, AAPDs and CIBs), as amended.
  • Finalizing results of substantive tests of key transactions such as procurements, selected recruitment actions, payroll and taxation, disbursements to grantees and reimbursements to subcontractors and suggest corrective actions.
  • Reporting to Compliance Manager on compliance review of quarterly financial closing routines.
  • Supervision for preparation of periodic compliance reports covering the compliance status of all the key transactions and provisions of contracts, subcontracts and grant agreements.
  • Leading proactive initiatives for awareness about and prevention of fraud, waste and abuse of resources, conflict of interest and implementation of TDEA’s code of ethics.
  • Focal/ resource person for ethics related matters/ issues for TDEA and AFGP staff.
    Supervision of the development of training modules and leading/delivering staff training programs related to compliance matters.
  • Technical assistance to compliance unit staff.
  • Periodic and special reports for compliance related activities on monthly, quarterly, semiannual (if required by Compliance Manager) and annual basis.
  • Providing inputs and/or proposing policy and procedures for strengthening compliance with donor requirements and best practices.
  • Providing support on different committees related to ethics and business practices.
    Performing any other duties assigned by the Compliance Manager.
Requirements and Skills

Minimum 3 years of professional experience and 1 years of experience directly related to compliance.

  • Experience working with USAID-funded programs is essential
  • Expert knowledge of skills and competencies related to donor compliance
  • Skilled in use of computer systems, including Microsoft Office
  • Willingness to travel outside of Islamabad
  • Demonstrated capacity to work independently and as part of a team
  • Fluency in English and Urdu, both spoken and written

Master’s degree in accounting/commerce from recognized institution

How to Apply

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About Organization

The Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) was established in October 2008. It was a spin-off of the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN). After having conducted the largest domestic observation of general elections -2008 in Pakistan and influencing the subsequent process of electoral reforms, member organizations that formed FAFEN decided to formalize the network by acquiring legal status as a prerequisite to sustainability of the landmark work. Following exhaustive discussions that spanned more than a year, FAFEN member organizations decided to transform the network into a legal entity. The establishment of TDEA and subsequent process of institutionalization was a step towards sustainability of work initiated in the area of election observation, voter education and electoral reforms advocacy. Subsequently, TDEA was registered under Trust Act 1882.

TDEA developed a defined governance structure keeping in view the statutory requirements and dynamism of the network that drew its strength from participatory decision-making, inclusiveness and collective action. While Trust can take any measures to achieve its objectives, The Trust Deed empowers TDEA to execute its programs through FAFEN in advancement of its objectives and to ensure a maximum outreach to its beneficiaries — general pubic of all ages, gender, race, ethnicity, creed and religions in Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. TDEA is governed under its Compendium of Policies and Procedures, which define governance and processes for the day-to-day management of its functions. As a forward-looking organization, the Trust organizes itself to maximize efficiency, output, internal accountability and transparency.