Background & Description

Programme Overview (MTBA)

Marriage No Child’s Play is Oxfam’s project on Child Early and Forced Marriages (CEFM). Oxfam recognizes provision of adequate and timely Life Skills Education to young girls and boys and to their caretakers (parents and teachers) to help all understand, address and cope with various physical, emotional and psychological issues of young people while growing up. Marriage No Child’s Play project is operational in 4 districts of two provinces-Punjab and Sindh and is aimed at empowering young people between 12-24 years of age and their caretakers to stop negative social norms on Child Early and Forced Marriages.


The scope of work would entail following activities:

  1. 5 Animated Movies with duration not more than 1 minute each. The language of the movies will be the local language of the targeted areas with subtitles in English and Urdu. Each of these movies will have a separate theme, themes will be finalized by Oxfam in consultation with project team, whereas consultant will be expected to present creative scripts against those themes.
  2. Promotion of Animated Movies on TV Channels reaching out to the people of targeted areas through telecasting each movie twice on prime time on main TV channels (both public & private).
  3. Promotion of Animated Movies on local cable channels reaching out to all the people of the targeted
  4. Promotion of Animated Movies on social media platforms for example YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.

1.       Deliverables

  1. Develop and share scripts for animated movies. All the scripts will be reviewed by Oxfam team for further approval for execution. These scripts would be shared with Oxfam 10-12 working days prior to executing the intervention. Also, consultant will share draft storyboards, sketches of characters, animation style ideas, sample music, a mock video for discussion and approval.
  2. At the beginning, Oxfam will organize an orientation session, of the team involved in developing scripts and filming movies, to develop their understanding on of the project as well as the issue that needs to be highlighted.
  3. The script will be tested after the storyboard development with selected audience from Oxfam and project partners.
  4. Development of 5 Animated Movies with duration of 1 minute each. The language of the movies will be the local language of the targeted areas with subtitles in English and Urdu. Original music/sound should be used, it would be ideal to produce a small jingle that can be used in all the movies at the beginning
  5. 5 Animated Movies on TV Channels are promoted reaching out to all people of targeted areas through telecasting each movie twice on prime time on main TV channels.
  6. Promotion of Animated Movies on local cable channels reaching out to all the people in the targeted areas.
  7. Submit a completion report at the end of the assignment along with raw files (images, colors, fonts, text files, processing files etc.) should be shared with Oxfam along with all the rights.

2.       Timeline

The assignment including development of the animated movies and their promotion is expected to start from 15th September 2020. The consultant will have 2 months to complete the assignment.

4.       Payment Plan

The payment plan for the assignment will be made considering Oxfam’s policy for payment to consultants/ firms. The consultant/ firm will be responsible for all the logistics and expenses related to the boarding and lodging needed for the execution of the assignment.

5.       Important Note

  • Consultant will be responsible for cost and arrangement for travel and accommodation in the field for the implementation of the above-mentioned activities. The quoted budget must include this cost.
  • Consultant must safeguard and ensure all video recordings, still images and by products are produced in line with the provided and discussed briefs.
  • Consultant must include and edit quality art‐work, photos, charts and other graphic elements as required.
  • Consultant must guarantee timely delivery of publication.
  • Consultant must be sensitive and empathic with cultural sensitivities and should regard the privacy of the subject(s) in the local communities. Moreover, Consultant will sign the policies of Oxfam on Child Protection during and while conducting this exercise to ensure young people’s safety and security.
  • For all communication products the selected candidate will be bound to adhere to the branding and sensitivity guidelines of Oxfam in Pakistan.
Requirements and Skills
  1. Ideally, a media firm with a minimum 5 years of experience in developing animated movies in Urdu and English.
  2. Able to demonstrate experience in developing animated movies on issues related to gender.
  3. Have proven experience in effective engagement with electronic media including television.
  4. Have proven experience of working with organizations in development sector.
  5. Have an understanding and demonstrated experience of developing ideas and scripts around the social issues specifically on child and gender related issues for different audiences including youth.
  6. Thematic expertise on CEFM or child related issues will be an added value.
  7. Experience with Gender campaign designs will be an added benefit.
  8. Demonstrate clear understanding of cultural sensitivity around child protection and gender rights.
  9. Interest in using new media and technology for creativity and innovative ideas to develop and execute the campaign specifically from the young student’s interactive engagement perspective.
  10. Good coordination with civil society actors and strong networking within media industry.
How to Apply

Interested consultants/ firms should submit their technical and financial proposals. The following should be included in application:

  • At least two relevant reference relevant to assignment previously performed by the applicant.
  • Copy of proof that the applicant is a tax filer of the Government of Pakistan.
  • A technical proposal, including assignment methodology and a timeline based on these ToRs.
  • CV(s) of the proposed consultant(s), proving relevant experience.
  • Total price accompanied with a cost break down of each activities, days or hours spent, fee and taxes
  • Proposal must reflect area of expertise around terms mentioned under ‘’Expected Services’’.
  • A complete profile with organizational structure.
  • Copy of legally registered entity.


Quotations should be submitted by post/online with the subject line/consultancy title “Animated Videos on COVID Impact on Young Girls to the below address:

Email ID:

NOTE: Bids received after the mentioned date will not be considered for evaluation. Please ensure your bids reach within time.


About Organization

Oxfam’s vision is a just world without poverty: a world in which people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which all human beings are valued and treated equally. Oxfam in Pakistan has been working in the country since 1973. In the Pakistan, our goal is to contribute to the eradication of poverty by supporting women and other vulnerable groups in saving lives and building livelihoods, enhancing their resilience to crises, shocks and stresses, and making their voices heard to hold duty-bearers accountable.