Background & Description

ACTED implementing the project “Closing the gap: Educating marginalised girls in Sindh and FATA under DFID funding is procuring services for consultancy for Baseline, Midline and End-line Evaluations (Nonfood items) to submit offers. 

The tender will be conducted using ACTED standard bidding documents, open to all qualified suppliers and service providers.

The Bidding Documents in English may be collected by sending a blank email titled T/04DNT/16A/BLM-MME-EME /ISL/04-04-2019/15

to, CC,  and, there will be a link in return email Or can be downloaded from the HERE.

ACTED will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Bidders in connection with the preparation and submission of their bids to ACTED.


Note: if you witness or suspect any unlawful, improper or unethical act or business practices (such as soliciting, accepting or attempting to provide or accept any kickback) during the tendering process, please contact the following send an e-mail to


Requirements and Skills

For all inquiries regarding this tender, please contact the ACTED representative office in Islamabad not later than April 18, 2019 till 12:00 PM (Islamabad time) by phone: PH: 051-8313022-24 and by email to, CC 

How to Apply

All bids must be submitted before April 22, 2019 at 04:00 PM (Islamabad time) at the address mentioned below in a sealed envelopeHouse # 59, Orchard Road, Orchard Scheme, Murree Road, Islamabad, Pakistan. Late Bids will be automatically rejected.

About Organization

ACTED has been present and registered in Pakistan since 1995, with active presence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Sindh and Punjab provinces. ACTED Pakistan has been responding to emergencies caused by conflicts and natural disasters, notably focusing on food security and livelihood opportunities, while supporting their recovery and investing the development sectors.

In 2016, ACTED provided 1,153,580 crises-affected people with assistance and protection supporting their basic human right to life with dignity. 89,353 people were assisted through access to income generation and/or wealth creation activities for supporting their recovery and building their resilience. 26,629 individuals were assisted through disaster mitigation activities, while 297,047 crises affected people were provided integrated multi-sectoral assistance – shelter; water, sanitation and hygiene; food security and livelihood assistance.