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Background & Description

Indus Consortium 

Indus Consortium - a collaborative platform of 3 humanitarian and development organizations i.e. Laar Humanitarian Development Program (LHDP), Doaba Foundation and HELP Foundation - is a manifestation of a joint force of the people living around Sindhu (Indus) River basin in Pakistan. 


Vision: IC envisions a democratic and equitable society where all citizens enjoy equal economic, cultural and political rights.


Mission: Indus Consortium works for local communities to enhance their resilience and participation in development


The Project

Indus Consortium as an Implementation Partner of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is implementing “Strengthening Youth networks for Enhanced Employability and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan” project in Multan, Muzaffargarh and Lahore (Policy Dialogues). The main objectives of the project are to enhance the employability and entrepreneurship opportunities for marginalized youth by strengthening youth networks and developing market linkages and to advocate for conducive policy environment which promotes the creation of opportunities for youth employability and entrepreneurship.   The project aims to enhance awareness and agency of youth and policymakers on the need for a conducive policy environment for resilient livelihood and to increase access, capabilities, and agency of youth to gain sustainable employment opportunities.

Requirements and Skills

Required Qualifications and Experience


The service provider will be required to have the following qualification and experience for selection:

  • The candidate has a minimum qualification of Master’s degree in Business administration or other similar disciplines of  Social Sciences or equivalent degree
  • 05 years’ proven experience in Enterprise development and Entrepreneurial product development strategy
  • Past demonstrated experience in awarding mini-grants for business start-ups and effective grant management
  • Excellent technical capacities in business development framework and its successful start-up strategies

About the Assignment and Expected Deliverables from Consultant


Under “Strengthening Youth networks for Enhanced Employability and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan”  Project, Indus Consortium has conducted an activity of Entrepreneurial Action Planning Workshop in which youth members of Youth Employability Network (YEN) are oriented on Business Model Framework and they have developed 30 Business Models Canvas (BMCs). The nominated Trainers of Training are going to replicate EAP workshops in youth hubs formed in Multan and Muzaffargarh. Under Entrepreneurial Venture, 60 Business models will be selected and IC/ VSO will award a token to socially and economically viable 60 Business Model Framework for business start-ups focusing on cascading effect and enterprise development. This offer opportunities to hubs members to initiate their own entrepreneurship venture. These initiatives will be supported by an expert consultant.

Expected Deliverables/Output


Following are the key deliverables of Consultant during consultancy period:

1.       Review the submitted Business Model Canvas (BMCs) after Replication of EAP workshops and provide  technical support  to grantees to revise the business models in accordance with its practical implication feasibility

2.        Facilitate grantees in the development of Financial Proposal of their BMCs and technically review financial proposals of BMCs

3.       Part of the evaluation committee to review, short list and finalize the grants submitted and support other committee members technically to award the grant to the practically potential proposal

4.       Orient and facilitate the grantees to utilize their grants in a successful manner with according to their business plans.

5.       Support IC/ VSO to devise implementation strategy of EAP grants management, reporting mechanism, monitoring, and safeguarding policies

6.       Devise and Implement the monitoring mechanism to ensure the proper utilization grants for business start-ups in the field

7.       Facilitate the grantees and give them technical support at field level to launch their enterprises and support them in developing linkages with missing value chain steps in the market.

8.       Give entrepreneurs technical assistance for three months of launching their enterprises

How to Apply

Duration of the Assignment

3 months time period

Application Procedure: Applicants are required to submit the following documents to     

The following are required to submit the following:

·         A Technical Proposal: Letter of Interest, stating why you consider your service suitable for the assignment and a brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment;

·          Personal CV of technical personnel proposed for this project highlighting qualifications and experience in similar projects;

·          Work references - contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees (firms for whom you’ve produced similar assignments); 

·         Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment. Kindly ensure the assignment costs are inclusive of tax as per policy of FBR.

·         Sample work previously done for other clients.


Note: Local candidates from Multan and Muzaffargarh vicinity will be preferred.


About Organization

Indus Consortium is a collaborative platform of three rights-based development organizations i.e. Laar Humanitarian Development Program (LHDP), Doaba Foundation and HELP Foundation. These three organizations have been active since long time mainly responding to natural disasters and other development needs of their respective operational areas along River Indus. These organization adopted an innovative approach to create a joint platform for learning, synergy, evidence based advocacy to address macro level structure causes of development problem on the basis of their field experience and create solidarity among communities living around river Indus and are vulnerable to natural and manmade disasters.

The joint platform is a manifestation of a joint force of the people living around Sindhu (Indus River) basin in Pakistan. The Consortium represents the unity among various groups of different ethnic, linguistic and geographic features and their determination to struggle for the development of the people around Indus River.

The concept of a joint forum of various organizations for the holistic socio-economic development of these least served rural, riverine, disaster-prone and marginalized communities was visualized by Doaba Foundation district Muzaffargarh and shared with LHDP in District Badin. This pragmatic and innovate idea got acceptance and proved a step towards joint thinking in 2004. . In 2005 another likeminded organization - HELP Foundation - from povertystricken district of Rajanpur in Punjab, joined the two organizations i. With the association of these three based organizations the thinking firmed up to create a development consortium for improved research and coordination.. For this transitional purpose, another prominent research & development actor - Rural Development Policy Institute (RDPI) based in Islamabad – became part of the consortium in 2008.

The idea was materialized in the form of establishment of Indus Consortium in 2008. The consortium being a joint platform form aimed to carry out socio-economic, environmental, DRR-centric and rights-based development initiatives primarily in proximity of the banks of historical River Indus in the districts like Thatta, Qambar-Shahdadkot, Ghotki and Kashmor in Sindh province, and Layyah, Jhang, Bhakkar, Muzaffargarh, D.G.Khan, Rajanpur and Rahimyar Khan in Punjab province. The consortium devised the Terms of Reference (TORs) with the consultation of the three founding organizations at field level work, and with the RDPI for research, collaboration and coordination.

Source: Strategic Planning Document of Indus Consortium (2014-2018)