Background & Description

Project Background

Shifa Foundation supporting Nutrition International (NI) previously known as Micronutrient Initiative (MI) endeavors to address malnutrition in women and children of Pakistan and intends to accelerate demonstration and scale-up of packages of interventions for pregnant women; newborns; infants and young children to reduce mortality, anemia, birth defects, low birth weight and stunting. The focus of these packages is the crucial period from pregnancy to first two years of life (the ‘1000 day’ period), actions for which have been well defined in the Lancet Maternal and Child Nutrition series to achieve optimum fetal and child nutrition and development.

Despite the commitment from government to improve maternal and newborn health and nutrition there is a lack of an integrated approach by government departments and development partners. Further, there is a lack of trained human resources at health facilities to provide quality services with adequate knowledge, skills, and capacity for maternal and newborn care such as clean delivery practices, delayed cord clamping, cord care, early initiation of breastfeeding, Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC), and counseling and problem solving for IYCN.

Hence, NI with support of Shifa Foundation is implementing the Right Start Program entailing the following program components:

·         Maternal and new-born care: to increase coverage of antenatal care with focus on Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) supplementation during pregnancy and increased coverage of skilled birth attendance (including infection prevention), cord care, KMC and early initiation of breastfeeding in 7 districts (one district from Punjab, three from Sindh and three from KP provinces) of Pakistan till mid-2020.

·         Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCN): to improve IYCN practices through promotion of early initiation of breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, and timely initiation of complementary foods for infants and children from 6-24 months of age in 7 districts (one district from Punjab, three from Sindh and three from KP provinces) of Pakistan till mid-2020.

Purpose of Assignment

The Nutrition International’s Right Start Project has developed integrated training modules on IYCN and MNCH with focus on Inter Personal Communication (IPC) skills for outreach health workers. The manuals have been developed through an extensive consultative process with the provincial health departments and pre- tested in the project districts. NI intends to train the Lady Health Visitors, Lady Health Supervisors/ Lady Health Workers on the integrated training manual from four selected districts of KPK and Sindh (Nowshera, Mardan, Khairpur and Mirpurkhas respectively). NI will train 60 percent of LHWs and 20% LHWs will be trained by government. The consultants shall develop training plan for training by NI and government. Consulting firm will be responsible for conduction and shadowing of NI training events and will ensure that government is conducting its training in true spirit. The total number of LHSs and LHWs are provided in the following table to enable the implementing firm develop a financial proposal and suggest budgets for trainings:




Total No of LHS/CHSs

Total No of LHWs /CHWs to be trained by NI

Total No of LHWs /CHWs proposed to be trained by Government


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa





















Thus, Shifa Foundation & NI are seeking for a firm capable to conduct capacity building trainings for the health care providers.

Specific Objectives of the assignment

The specific objectives of assignment are as follows:

1.       Develop detailed plans for conducting training of outreach workers in consultation with the district authorities and NI.

2.       Conduct field training of health workers in their respective 4 districts.

3.       Develop reports of training process to inform the department/NI about the progress and recommendations for future programs and roll-out

4.       Conduct Pre & Post training analysis.

Scope of Work 

The firm is expected to share a list of experienced and committed trainers who could serve as mentors for the health supervisors and build their rapport with the trainers for allowing them to share their issues, weaknesses, strengths to build on their capacities and competencies as trainers during the training process.

Key Outputs of Assignment

1.       A consultative Trainings work plan for four project districts developed.

2.       A cadre of trainers strengthened within the health department (Lady Health Supervisors) trained as master trainers with innovative training techniques and engaging methodologies)

3.       Recommendations provided to support the health system for strengthening of outreach workers with regards to IYCN and MNCH with IPC in focus.


  1. Work plan for trainings
  2. ToTs of 3 days each for LHSs in four districts in batches of 45-50 participants
  3. 3 days’ Training of LHWs in Mardan, Nowshera, Mirpurkhas and Khairpur in batches of 35-40 participants each
  4. District training reports including Pre and Post training analysis
  5. Consolidated training report for each province
  6. Financial Reports



Requirements and Skills

The eligibility criteria for this assignment is as follow:

  1. Registered as a training firm under Companies Registration Act.
  2. Experience of minimum 5 years in conducting Training of Trainers
  3. Extensive work experience and excellent rapport with provincial government health departments of KPK, Punjab and Sindh.
  4. Availability of resource pool of trainers having 5 years of experience in health sector training with excellent presentation and interpersonal skills.
  5. Strong capacity building and training background of the management team of the organization
  6. Excellent report writing skills in English and Urdu and able to conduct and analyze pre-and post-training evaluations.


How to Apply

If you meet the above criteria, please share your proposal/ budget at

About Organization

Established in 1991, Shifa Foundation is a Not-for-Profit organization that focuses on MNCH, management of malnutrition, Child Protection & GBV, Food Security & Livelihood, DRR, Rehabilitation of Healthcare facilities, Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Education & humanitarian. We truly believe that standard health, education and nutrition facilities lead to elimination of poverty from a nation. Since our existence, we have developed our technical expertise along with better understanding of community engagement, health and hygiene practices and nutrition. Furthermore, by using our experience and research, we have also advocated and influenced the policy makers and practitioners to invest on health and food security for the marginalized segments of our country.