Consultancy - Mapping and Identification of Development Partners | PAK-NGOs
Background & Description

Currently, Oxfam is engaged with 26 diverse Civil Society Organizations in implementation of various projects/programs in thematic areas including; 1. Effective Governance and Economic Justice, 2. Gender Justice, and 3. Resilience, Response and Climate Change adaptation  Considering the new regulatory regime for CSOs, OiP is looking at diversifying its partnership portfolio by identifying more compatible and potential partners (CSOs, Development Organizations, Alliances, Academia etc.) to leverage its work for poverty alleviation.  


The purpose of this mapping exercise is to identify additional partners with relevant expertise and the necessary legal registration status in the country in line with OiP due diligence process and partnership strategy.


  1. Objectives of the Assignment:


This exercise is intended to achieve the following objectives;


  • To scope and map potential Development Partners/Alliances/Academia etc.
  • To carry out due diligence process of shortlisted development partners for selection and future partnerships with OiP across Pakistan by following OGB and ONL guidelines
  • To support OiP in finalising its future partners, that are complaint to new regulations in place, and have the capacity / infrastructure, interest and willingness to become Oxfam’s partner for the rollout of it’s new country strategy.


  1. Task and Output/deliverables of the assignment



  • Review list of development partners registered/awaiting registration with Economic Affairs Division (EAD) and shortlist potential partners across country relevant to Oxfam’s thematic pillars (Gender Justice, Governance and Economic Justice and Resilience, Response and Climate Change Adaptation) focusing rights based interventions for women and excluded groups.
  • Review relevant documents including OiP’s country strategy, partnership strategy, due diligence and safeguarding tools and government liaising protocols.
  • Hold inception meeting and set coordination mechanism to provide updates to OiP’s management while undertaking the assignment
  • Conduct field visits in all provinces of country to carry out due diligence of the selected development partners as per the list agreed with OiP management, using pre-defined standards. Establish and maintain transparency and accountable approach while developing database to propose new partners to OiP
  • Presentation of findings and analysis of the exercise to OiP management
  • Develop detailed report of the main findings and analysis
  • Propose a model of selection of partners based on unbiased decisions to maintain sanctity of partnership

Duration of the assignment:

The assignment will start tentatively on June 01, 2019 upon signing of the contract and is expected to take 35 working days.  

Requirements and Skills

The consultant firm/individuals shall have demonstrated capacity and capability to undertake this assignment. The following criteria will form the basis for selection.


  1. Technical Competence: Proven experience in undertaking similar assignments with technical expertise in areas of CSO strengthening, strategic planning, partnership management, human resource management, financial management. Extensive work experience in the areas of women rights and poverty alleviation. Must demonstrate possession of knowledge and skills in and security, administration and government liaison. Also, knowledge of country context regarding CSO registration and regulation is mandatory.
  2. Selection criteria: Firms or individuals with technical competence defined above and sound technical and competitive financial proposals followed by presentation will be selected for the assignment.


How to Apply

The consulting firm should submit a detailed Technical and Financial proposal. The technical

proposal must contain:

  • A brief understanding and detailed methodology for assignment.
  • A detailed work plan including dates for field visits, consultation workshop, and submission of the draft and final Report
  • Evidence of availability of appropriate qualifications, manpower and key staff that will constitute the team.
  • CVs of the assigned team member(s) detailing relevant experience.

The technical and financial proposals should be forwarded to HR department in sealed envelope on following postal address:

Mr. Muhammed Imran Qureshi

Plot No. 02, Street 11A, Idrees Market, Near Shalimar Police station,

F-10/2, Islamabad.


About Organization

Oxfam’s vision is a just world without poverty: a world in which people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which all human beings are valued and treated equally. Oxfam in Pakistan has been working in the country since 1973. In the Pakistan, our goal is to contribute to the eradication of poverty by supporting women and other vulnerable groups in saving lives and building livelihoods, enhancing their resilience to crises, shocks and stresses, and making their voices heard to hold duty-bearers accountable.