Background & Description

GDP is implementing the project titled ‘Protecting and Promoting Children’s Rights in Pakistan’ with the support of the British High Commission. It aims to increase public trust in state institutions that contribute to preventing and responding to Violence Against Children (VAC) through improved rule of law, in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, as per SDGs 16.2 &  3.3, 5 and 17. To this end, the project envisages improving child justice and child protection at federal and provincial levels in line with international child rights standards and WHO defined COVID-19 emergency response.

Under output 3 of the project ‘Policy and public engagement on child justice and Protection in COVID-19 crisis context strengthened through use of evidence (national, regional and international levels)’ which focuses on advocacy and awareness raising, the activity planned ‘TVC on child justice and child safety in COVID-19’ will contribute to achieving the project goals.

Pakistan has initiated a criminal justice reform agenda that includes Justice for/with Children and in this context, Group Development Pakistan (GDP) has been closely working with state actors, civil society organizations, media, children & youth, as well as the legal fraternity to improve the legal framework pertaining to Justice

for/with Children in the country, and contribute to its effective enforcement. It is essential to acknowledge the historical contributions of Hon'ble former Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mr. Asif Saeed Khosa and current Hon'ble CJP Mr. Gulzar Ahmed, to this transformative process. To date, this unprecedented synergy has led to:

  • The enactment of the Juvenile Justice System Act (JJSA) 2018 and other relevant child protection laws;
  • A historical partnership between GDP and several state actors of justice including the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the federal Ministry of Law and Justice and the Federal Ministry of Human rights;
  • The establishment of six pilot child courts in Pakistan, whilst four more are in process institutionalizing child participatory processes contributing to strengthened justice for children but also Justice with children;
  • The notification of 9 Juvenile Justice Committees (JJC) improving alignment of the Pakistani regulatory framework with international child safeguarding standards;
  • The capacity building of 160 actors of justice leading to groundbreaking child sensitive jurisprudence contributing to promoting child rights in alignment with SDGs 16.2; 5, 3.3 & 17.

GDP solicits proposals from creative agencies, firms, and companies to undertake the production and airing of an electronic media campaign; the details are elaborated below: 

1.             TVC on Child Justice & Child Safety in COVID-19

The overall objective of this campaign is to raise awareness among the general public, including children and youth, on child rights and justice with children to highlight state obligations to safeguard and promote child rights, processes and platforms available for acquiring speedy justice and the commitment of state and judiciary to provide rehabilitative justice to children in contact and conflict with the law.

The service provider will design creative, engaging, culture, gender, and child-sensitive campaign materials to reach out to citizens of Pakistan. GDP will approve the content development, design, and production plans of this campaign in close coordination with the service provider. The consultant/service is expected to work .

in close coordination with GDP during this consultancy. It is also expected that the recruited companies have an anti-sexual harassment policy in place and that they do not employ/work with any client who hires any child of less than 18 years of age.

  1. Key Tasks

The service provider will be responsible for planning, designing, producing, and disseminating this electronic media campaign by carrying out the following tasks:

  • Submit a detailed work plan for approval indicating deadlines and responsibilities;
  • Develop the content of the campaign in line with the campaign objectives and target audience;
  • Develop and share storyboard and concepts of the television commercial probably 30 seconds in Urdu language;
  • Share the script of the television commercial, actors, shoot sites, and equipment details;
  • Produce quality television commercial by engaging renowned artists/celebrities as per approved storyboards, script, and concepts;
  • Ensure quality of shooting and editing;
  • Share final TVC for approval and feedback;
  • Address the changes proposed;
  • Share a one-month detailed media plan that must cater 2 to 3 leading national and 2 to 3 regional television channels having coverage across Pakistan;
  • Subsequent to approval of media plan, disseminate the campaign; and
  • Any other task related to the scope of work of this campaign.
  1. Media Plan

The media plan should span over 30 days maximum, and the proposed rates for the following channels must be quoted for prime time and off prime time:

  • Geo News
  • Samaa TV
  • Dunya News
  • Express-News
  • Hum News
  • Khyber Entertainment & News
  • City 42
  • Sindh TV
  1. Target Audience

The target audience of this social media campaign is the general public of Pakistan, but a specific focus must be put on:

  • Youth and parents from vulnerable communities
  1. Campaign Branding

GDP’s brand identity will be highlighted in the campaign. Further branding details will also be communicated with clear guidelines and instructions.  

  1. Deliverables

The consultant/service provider is responsible for producing the following deliverables within the stated deadlines:

  • Script and storyboard of the TVC;
  • Campaign materials (a television commercial 30 seconds in Urdu language);
  • Engaging renowned artists for productions;
  • Airing of the TVCs as per approved media plan;
  • Strict compliance of branding instructions; and
  • Completion report with all campaign materials produced in hard and soft form.

Please note that the service provider is required to seek advance approval before carrying out any task and seek the feedback of GDP on deliverables for quality and ethical assurance. At each step of the process, the service provider must abide by GDP’s safeguarding policies and ensure that gender-sensitivity and the child's best interest must prevail.

  1. Campaign Materials Production Time

The overall time span of the campaign production, including its designing, branding, production, and dissemination, is eight (8) weeks after the award of the contract with no flexibility in delays. The service provider must share the production materials in time to ensure the smooth dissemination of the campaign.

8.             Timing and Logistics

The service provider will preferably be based in Islamabad so that assistance/guidance from GDP team can be attained whenever required but subject to convenience.

9.              Sample Work

The consultant/service provider is encouraged to share their relevant sample work on electronic media campaigning, particularly on child rights and justice with children.

10.       Copyright & Intellectual Proprietary Rights

All the campaign materials, designs, plans, and any other materials produced by the service provider under this contract shall be the sole and exclusive property of the project. They will not be reproduced on any other platform/forum without taking written consent.

Requirements and Skills

The service provider must possess the below-stated qualifications, competencies, and adhere to the set criteria. Please note that creatives agencies, firms, and companies are eligible to apply by submitting detailed technical and financial proposals. We encourage companies who employ non-binary persons, young adults, women, and differently-abled people to apply.

The technical proposal must reflect the company's expertise, relevant experience, sample work, team/equipment, production plan, celebrities to be engaged for production, etc. along with the media plan. Kindly note that the proposals must be brief, precise, and to the point.

12.1. Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements:

  • Demonstrated experience in awareness campaigns on child rights & justice with children;
  • Demonstrated capacity to develop and execute successful, impactful, and culturally sensitive awareness campaigns on child rights;
  • Track record as an ethical child rights campaigner;
  • Experience in communicating with younger children from disadvantaged
  • backgrounds;
  • Women/gender variant persons and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply; and
  • Able to effectively communicate in English and Urdu languages.
How to Apply

Interested companies are requested to please submit detailed technical and financial proposal inclusive of CVs, profile, previous experience, and work plan with timelines along with their sealed bids latest by Monday, November 9th, 2020 (before 1700 hours) to the address mentioned below.  Incomplete bids/received after the due date will not be entertained.

Address: Office # 11-18, Lower basement, Magnum Arcade, Northern strip (on D-12 road) Sector E-11/2, Islamabad. (Phone No. 051-2305547)

About Organization
GD Pakistan is a Pakistani nonprofit organisation that believes in a democratic and humanistic society in which the most important stakeholders – children – are respected and protected from violence, abuse and discrimination. GD Pakistan has expertise in building institutional and technical capacities of organizations working in the field of child protection, through creative, user friendly and culture sensitive methods. GD Pakistan also develops synergies and enhances positive communication to promote collaboration between government institutions, civil society, media, community members, corporate entities, Pakistani artists and donors.