Background & Description

Human Appeal (HA) is an international humanitarian and development organization inspired by Islamic values. Established in the UK in 1991, Human Appeal espouses values of excellence, accountability and transparency, compassion, justice, empowerment, trust and respect. The organization is present in 25 countries across the world, working through local field offices and partners. In contexts of conflicts and disasters, Human Appeal provides emergency relief in the form of food aid, clean water and sanitation, medical aid, emergency shelter and protection. Human Appeal also aims at alleviating poverty, transforming and empowering local communities through sustainable solutions in the least developed and low-income countries. The main areas of work are food security and livelihoods, education, water and sanitation (WASH), income generation, orphans and child welfare, as well as seasonal projects around the times of Ramadan and Qurbani.

Human Appeal Pakistan has been operational in Pakistan since 2005, and in 2017 signed an MOU with Ministry of Interior (MOI) as per new registration protocols for INGOs. Human Appeal Pakistan has been working on both emergency relief as well as delivering sustainable development projects aiming at empowering local communities. The organization believes in the active participation of Pakistani people in the decision-making processes to bring about quality change in their lives

Orphan sponsorship is a programme with longer term commitment with donors and sponsored children to build relationship with each other and the organisation. Sponsorship is not only the fund raising tool but it’s a relationship building tool which is continued through sharing annual reports and children’s personal messages or drawing while donors promote this linkage by not forgetting to pay monthly contributions. Through child sponsorship funds Human Appeal enable the orphan children to continue their school education, be healthy and participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

To make it more accountable, HA believes safeguarding Child Protection is one of the important components that should be integrated in all its programmes and become integral part of the organization core values. Management has decided to conduct two days’ Safeguarding and child protection training for all of its staff (appx. 20 staff) to inculcate every aspect of safeguarding and child protection in our programmes and further two days TOT for field staff so that they are equipped to conduct similar sessions in the communities, schools, partners etc.



Requirements and Skills
  1. Purpose and Scope of work

The purpose of this assignment is to design a training guide and tools on Safeguarding children, vulnerable adults (specifically widows and other beneficiaries) for Human Appeal that can be used to train its staff, partners or other stakeholders. To have a standardized training approach, another shorter and localized training guide and tools designed for field staff to conduct Safeguarding training including CP sessions in the community, schools etc. In communities. HA plans to raise awareness of all of our orphan families on safeguarding and child protection i.e. approximately 5000 orphan children through disseminating child friendly information, education and communication (IEC) materials through the trained community facilitators in all field offices. Additionally, HA wants to display excellent CP messages and its reporting mechanism across Human Appeal Pakistan Offices.


  1. Deliverables:
  • Develop a Safeguarding and Child Protection training guide and toolkit for HA and its partners.
  • Deliver a two days Safeguarding and child protection training to all Human Appeal Staff including Program Managers
  • In addition, conduct two days TOT for field staff and help them to develop a localized training guide in Urdu language for field staff to conduct Safeguarding and CP sessions for general community awareness to prevent from such incidents—including reporting mechanism
  • Develop IEC materials for all sponsored orphans on self-protection “child friendly materials”
  • Develop guidelines for field staff to work with children and committees in the communities
  • Develop Safeguarding and CP messages including reporting mechanism for staff/visitors – to be displayed in Human Appeal offices, at public events and community meetings


  1. Project relevance

Human Appeal works directly with orphan children, among others, that belong to vulnerable and marginalized segments of our society. HA wants its staff to develop skills to work with them and be sensitive towards orphan children and widows. After participating in the training its staff should be sensitive to CP issue and safeguard every child who is in the scope of its work and even in routine life.


  1. Proposed Methodology

Detailed deskwork is required prior to holding safeguarding and CP training for our staff. All the materials should be crisp and easy for our staff to make it an integral part of the Programs i.e. Livelihood, WASH, Education and seasonal programs. Community Facilitators who directly work with children and communities should be taught participatory methodologies to involve children in their own protection at various levels i.e. at home, in the community, at schools or at general public places. Safeguarding and Child Protection and its sensitivity should be inculcated in their behaviors.

The following general steps are proposed for conducting the training for Human Appeal staff by the consultant:

  1. Review the existing Human Appeal’s Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Policy to develop an understanding on HA’s work
  2. Develop a Safeguarding and Child Protection Training Guide and Tools
  3. Deliver 2 days training to approximately 20 staff (office staff, program managers and community facilitators).
  4. Two days’ extended TOT should be delivered only to Community Facilitators and as a result a localized training module should be prepared for future trainings in the field.
  5. CP messages need to be prepared in consultation with the staff, which will be refined by the consultant and 10 copies should be printed for country office and field offices.
  6. Prepare guidelines for community facilitators on how to work with children, child committees and persons/children with disabilities and vulnerable adults. During Safeguarding and CP TOT, all the staff needs be oriented on the same, as well.
  7. Prepare draft report using Human Appeal’s standard reporting protocols and organize consultation with Human Appeal relevant staff.
  8. Final report including:
    1. Executive summary
    2. Details of each session with key discussions
    3. Observations
    4. Recommendations


  1. Timeframe for each task:

S. #


End date


Sharing of all policy documents and guidelines with consultant by HA



Review of existing material (HA)



Share draft Training Guide and Tools before holding the training.



Review and Approval by HA focal person



Share draft guidelines to work with children and committees should be prepared and submitted along with training guide and tools.



Review and Approval by HA (Pakistan office / HA)



Four days Safeguarding and CP training

(2 days for all staff including Managers)

2 days TOT with community facilitators in which localized training module will be developed)

4-11 to 7-11


Submit a consolidated draft workshop report



Final Safeguarding and CP messages submitted



Final workshop report after incorporating HA’s feedback



  1. Expertise Required:

The interested consultant(s)/organisations/firms should have ten years’ experience and expertise in delivering trainings especially in the areas of safeguarding and CP. The individual/organization must possess strong proven inter personal, adult learning and participatory skills. Excellent command in developing and writing training guides and developing training tools/modules and training manuals is required. Additionally, consultants/firms should also exhibit a track record of conducting similar training for NGOs/INGOs or communities, it shall be one of the key selection criteria.

How to Apply

It is short-term consultancy assignment; Human Appeal prefers to receive narrative proposal and detail budget by October 10, 2019.  Narrative should include the Safeguarding and CP training contents and methodology to deliver the sessions.


Financial proposal must include breakdown of each segment of the deliverable. Human Appeal will provide the venue and food while everything else should be budgeted by the consultant/organization including stationery, printing and designing charges etc.


Individuals and companies should be tax registered and their tax would be deducted at source. Please send sealed bids latest by October 10th 2019 to


Country Director,

Human Appeal

4th Floor, Areej Tower, E11/3, MPCHS,



About Organization

Human Appeal is an international humanitarian and development charity with 27 years' of experience, working in 25 countries to alleviate poverty.