Background & Description

Terms of Reference (TORs) for Consultants/ Consulting firms.

Request for proposal for conducting a scoping study to identify needs, trades, potentials and highlighting constraints to working women in skills, product development, marketing and business to business linkages in selected union councils of districts Swat and Shangla of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

  1. Project information:


  1. Project Name: Enabled environment for right-based, inclusive development and improved governance in Swat and Shangla districts in Pakistan.
  2. Purpose of project: To contribute to an improved governance and development process and social cohesion in Pakistan.
  • Specific Objectives:
    1. Enhanced contribution of Pakistani CSOs in Districts Shangla and Swat with regards to local governance, accountability, social development processes at sub national and local level;
    2. Improved performance of Pakistani local governments in districts Shangla and Swat as actor of local governance and development.
  1. Geographical Locations:
    1. District Swat: Tehsil Khwazakhela UC Fatehpur, Kotanai, Miandam, Shin
    2. District Shangla: Tehsil Alpuri UC Dherai, Kuzkana, Lilownai and Pir Abad


  1. Background and Purpose of assignment:


LASOONA in collaboration with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWHH) and European Union has been implementing four (4) years development-oriented project in selected areas of Swat and Shangla districts of KP province. The main focus of the project is to improve governance and local development processes. The project aims to contribute towards a progressive, democratic, inclusive and empowered society, whereby all development actors including communities, civil society, local government representatives and local authorities carry forward the local development agenda in a synergized and coordinated manner.Both Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and local authorities (LAs) are recognized in the action as key players in its two pillars being ‘Agents of Change’ through building their effective linkages and enabling regular dialogue within a jointly recognized and owned space while supporting the emergence of an inclusive civil society platform and mobilization of LAs and elected bodies. Sustainable development goals are more likely to be achieved if citizens and communities are engaged by LAs through inclusive decision-making processes.

Beside these women entrepreneurs in targeted areas have great potential but their development is being hindered by socio political, traditional and cultural practices, lack of a single platform and non-availability of physical support from business support agencies. Recognizing that women in targeted areas are interested in starting their own businesses therefore any support to overcome their hindrances and other barriers in establishing their own businesses will have significant impact on their social and economic well-being.  For the socio-economic uplift of rural women, 33 women self-help groups will be formed by LASOONA, technically and financially supported under the proposed action. These women self-help groups will be formed at the Village Council (VC) level (16 in Swat & 17 in Shangla). Each woman self- help group will comprise of ten skilled/semi-skilled women having the willingness and potential to start their own businesses and sharing same business interest.


LASOONA is going to conduct a scoping study in eight UCs of both target districts that is Swat & Shangla to identify needs, trades, potentials and highlighting constraints to working women in skills, product development, marketing and business linkages. The women self-help groups will be trained in the trades identified beneficial for them through this scoping study.

  1. Scope of assignment

LASOONA is seeking services of a consultant/ consultancy firm for conducting scoping study in districts Swat and Shangla. Overall, the intervention is proposed to be implemented in District Swat and Shangla involving almost 33 village councils (VCs). The project will target poor, marginalized and vulnerable women of age 16-50 years to enhance their employability and income generation skills and opportunities. The survey will collect baseline data for market-oriented trade for women self-help groups, identify needs for starting business, potentials and highlighting constraints to working women in skills, product development, marketing and business to business linkages and market demand. The scoping study report will also be used as a guiding tool for the project monitoring activities and mid & end term evaluation surveys.

  1. Major Tasks and & responsibilities

The major processes in conducting the study will include:


  1. Complete literature review (essentially include but not limited to project documents provided by LASOONA, similar studies done by other organizations working in same areas), based on which the scoping study will be finalized.  The scoping study tools and reporting formats should be agreed on before the field work.  
  2. Coordinating with LASOONA focal person in preparation and planning of scoping study indicators, study tools/ data collecting instruments, sampling strategy, plan for data analysis and the implementation of the scoping study.
  3. Training of field team (Data Collectors) for data collection (if needed), on formats agreed by LASOONA. 
  4. Regular coordination with the focal person and ensures the feedback of technical advisory team is incorporated.
  5. Ensuring that high quality scoping study standards and harmonized, globally endorsed methodologies are applied to complete the study. It is therefore important to share all relevant information in time, including information on the scoping study methodology, the statistical information, the sample size calculation, the listing exercise (including list of people interviewed/ approached), questionnaire design, the field data collection report, the preliminary analysis, the draft and final analysis, and reports and the data base.
  6. Submission of detailed report with recommendations to LASOONA.
  1. Key deliverables of consultant/ consultancy firm :


  1. Finalization of survey proposal including detail description of following activities
  • Literature review
  • Sampling design with listing of target area
  • Selection criteria of respondent
  • Questionnaire designing (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Pilot testing
  • Finalization of questionnaire
  • Translation of questionnaire (Urdu/Pushto)
  • Training of local enumerators (Pashto Speaking)
  • Data collection method
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing with specific recommendation and way forward
  1. Presenting the study design to technical team and incorporate comments to finalize study proposal, tools and questionnaire
  1. Agree on template to present results and template to prepare final report
  2. Data entry, analysis and preparation of draft and final report
  1. Submission of final report as well as all data sets.

All collected data using various tools should be submitted in both soft and hard form (tabulated).   Submit 2 printed hard copies of all the documents as well as soft copies on CDs.

  1. Brief note on field data collection from each village council attached to the data sets (one-page document on mutually agreed format)
  2. Presentation to the Technical team highlighting major learning, gaps and recommendations for project implementation.

7.Travel details:

All travel, lodging expenditures/arrangements should be covered in the total cost of consultancy, the consultant/ consultancy firm will carry full responsibility for all those arrangements.



The selected consultant has to complete the assignment within 30 days after signing the contract the following are tentative timeframe.

Starting Date:              July 01, 2019

Completion Date:        July 31, 2019


9.Special condition:

The issuance of this invitation does not constitute an award commitment on the part of LASOONA and not to pay for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposal. LASOONA reserve the right to regret/reject any offer without any reasons. The shortlisted consultant/firm will have to interact with LASOONA during selection process and may be asked to appear in person to present the proposal. The selected consultant/firm will have to manage and supervised the field work by the designated officials agreed in the signed contract and will not sublet to any other group or survey team without in-writing permission of LASOONA.

The interested consultant/firm shall share at least two reference of the organizations to which they have provided similar nature of services. The reference must include name of the official, his/her designation, official email and functional contact number.


10.Contacts for further Inquiry:

Fazal Rahim focal person for the project. 03448976054

Mohammad Salim Khan. Manager Operation 03449819811


11.Source of Funds (SOF)

European Union in partnership with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWHH) has provided the financial support to LASOONA for the survey.


12.Payment schedule:

Payment will be made in two installments. All applicable taxes will be deducted at the time of each payment.

1st installment 50 % will be paid at the end of the survey conducted based on the evidence provided in the form of data collected on the prescribed format and presentation of the preliminary findings and payment request submitted by the consultant/firm.

2nd and final installment of 50 % will be made on submission of quality report along with payment request submitted by the consultant/firm

Specimen of Quotation template

LASOONA: Society for Human and Natural Resource Development

(to be filled by Resource Person)

Description of budget


# of unit


Unit cost

Total cost in PKR inclusive of all taxes






Validity period________________________________

Required days/period for completion of assignment _______________________

Name of applicant: _________________________________________________

Signature of applicant: ______________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________ 


Contact numbers: ________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________


Company stamp: ___________________

Requirements and Skills

Consultant/Firm should have proven skills and capacities to conduct the study, and prepare a report. 

How to Apply

Proposal of the assignment must contain the following details:

  • Explanation around how the scoping study will be used as reference to inform project’s Monitoring and Evaluation systems and procedures.
  • Sample definition, statistical sample size calculations, justifications and selection procedure.
  • Work-plan: this should include details and time frame of activities for assignment implementation from start to completion of the study; including time for literature review, writing of study concept, drafting and refining the questionnaire, study in the field, data entry and analysis; drafting, acquiring feedback from technical team and finalizing report and presentation of the findings to the technical advisory team.
  • Draft questionnaire for qualitative as well as quantitative scoping study components.
  • Budget sheet with breakdown of budget.
  • Profile of the firm and human resource dedicated for this assignment along with their specified role if any
  • Letter of motivation explaining relevancy and suitability of the consultant for this assignment
  • Detail work plan
  • Detail financial proposal explaining unit its number, unit cost, frequency and total cost in Pakistani currency inclusive of all taxes.
  • Contacts of two references with whom similar nature of work carried out in the past.
  • Report of the same nature study if conducted in past.

Interested consultants/ firms are invited to send complete proposal, budget with CVs/profiles in sealed envelope on the following address. Documents delivered in open envelops or after closing date or through e-mail will not be considered for evaluation.

Manager Operation

LASOONA Society for human and natural resource development College Officer Colony Behind Swat Serena Hotel Saidu Sharif Swat.

Phone NO. 0946-9240071-2

About Organization

LASOONA: Society for Human and Natural Resource Development is a national, multi-disciplinary, development oriented and non-profit making organization. LASOONA affirms to be committed to well being of masses through promoting ecologically sound development in remote and impoverished pockets of Pakistan in general and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (formerly North West Frontier province -NWFP) and FATA in particular.

LASOONA is a Pushto word, meaning “Hands”. LASOONA was established in 1997 by a group of highly motivated and civic-minded people. It formally registered under Societies Act of 1860. LASOONA is also certified /accredited by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP). Moreover, LASOONA has got tax exemption status from Federal Board of Revenue, Government of Pakistan under Section 2(36) of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.