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Background & Description

LHDP, under its Programmes on Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation, have been implementing a project titled “Facilitating Effective Action for Building Resilient Communities in Pakistan” in district Badin with support of Oxfam Pakistan. This project is mainly focused to build the capacity of the most vulnerable and marginalized community segments including Women & PWDs to initiate alternative livelihood actions in context of changing climate. Through this project LHDP have made all possible efforts to strengthening the livelihood resilience of communities through making them aware of alternative options and capacity building to undertake such options.


The main purpose of arranging this training for women group is to enhance the understanding of market mechanism and relationship between demand and supply with strengthened negotiation skills of women from 03 union councils.


3.1 Overall Objectives:

Enhance the skills and knowledge of selected women group from different villages located in 03 union councils of taluka and district Badin to learn how to market their products/by-products and negotiate with either middle men or entrepreneurs in local market. The training will get them learn latest and innovative things that are feasible in local context.

3.2 Specific Objectives:

  1. Define basics of market mechanism
  2. Define what is market and marketing?
  3. Business logistics and supply chain management
  4. Types of market, what is formal and informal market
  5. Identification of economic opportunities and related markets in local areas
  1. Number of Trainings and Duration

Two Trainings; two days each


The consultant should send technical and financial proposal as following considerations:


  1. Background and Detailed Profile of Consultant/Firm (demonstrating relevant experience and previous work including CV/s of Trainer/s)
  2. Methodology, Process and Steps to be followed during Training
  3. Detailed Session Plan of Training
  4. Consultant/Firms require sharing the budget including Training Delivery Cost only. Travel and Accommodation will be provided by LHDP.

Note: All applicable taxes would be deducted as per current tax slab. Budget should cover the amount including taxes.


Final Document delivery of training report and manual of training on “Marketing and Negotiations Skills for women”.

  • LHDP shall support the consultant/firm to share the relevant information of the project and communities, subject to applicability
  • LHDP will facilitate the consultant/firm in finalizing their plan of assignment
  • LHDP will facilitate in conducting meetings with target groups and stakeholder, when and where possible
  • LHDP shall facilitate collect women at designated location as per schedule
Requirements and Skills

The consultant should have:

  • Experience of working on similar assignments
  • Sound knowledge on community enterprises in context of Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods
  • At least 5 years experience of delivering such trainings with civil society, community organizations of disaster prone areas;
  • Excellent in community facilitation and communication;
  • Excellent in local language (Sindhi)
How to Apply

The narrative proposal including (assignment methodology, Tools and Techniques to be used during the process, process plan, profile of consultant/firm etc…) and Financial Proposal Budget including (fees and payment schedule) should be sent to address mentioned bellow.

Please clearly mention, “Proposal for Training of women group on Marketing & Negotiation Skills” on top right of the Envelope (If sent through post) or Subject line of email.

Proposal can be submitted at:

Procurement Committee,

Laar Humanitarian and Development Programme (LHDP),

Near Ahmed CNG Station, Golarchi Road,

Badin, Sindh.

Ph# +92 297 870682


About Organization


Laar Humanitarian and Development Programme (LHDP) is a non-governmental, not for profit humanitarian and development organization. It is a legal entity; established on April 2006 and registered under Society Act (1860) on July 1, 2006.

The initial team of LHDP, being the civilian of Pakistan observed the situation of frequent disasters and non-participatory role of civil society and government in local development. They felt an importance of societal role in building a resilient socio-economic environment in disaster prone and marginalized areas of Sindh. This team took initiative from grassroots level with a limited team and self-help approach from the End District of Pakistan, called Badin. Through the continuous efforts and exposure , LHDP became a large scale organization in year 2010 with its geographical coverage in eight districts of Sindh Province.


The Voice of Disaster prone Communities