Background & Description

Tearfund is a UK based relief and development organization working through local partners and providing services to people across different areas of Pakistan. Tearfund is implementing a DFID supported project on solid waste management crisis in marginalized communities by delivering community-based waste management and recycling social enterprises, called “Haryali Hubs”. 


The Enterprise Development Coordinator is accountable for ensuring the sustainability of the UKAM’s enterprise models through the effective management system of customers, recovery & product generation cycles and revenue streams through leveraging key learning’s, strategic partnerships & alliances and the knowledge & insight by Tearfund’s resource partners.

  • Grade: A4 
  • Reports to the Senior Project Manager 
  • Line manages the Marketing Officer, Enterprise Supervisors and the Environmental Specialist; 
  • Coordinates closely with the project team members as and when required; 
  • Interacts and shares learning and information with relevant team members at the Tearfund Country Office
  • The position holder will be expected to adhere to and promote organizational values and principles while representing Tearfund; 
  • The position holder will be expected to adhere to Tearfund’s Code of Conduct as referred to in the Personal Conduct Policy; 
  • The position holder will be expected to strongly support, promote and maintain a robust safeguarding culture, in accordance with Tearfund’s Safeguarding Policy; this will include taking timely, decisive and recommended action(s) if and when confronted with a safeguarding issue at Tearfund, partner and/or community level;
  • Undertake all activities in accordance with internal management systems, operating procedures/policies and programmatic protocols; support project team and organizational efforts to ensure compliance; 
  • The position holder will be expected to adhere to Tearfund’s Quality Standards as and when required;

Project Strategy 

  • As a member of the project leadership team, contribute effectively to development, implementation, review and adaptation of the overall project strategy in conjunction with other team members under the guidance of the Senior Project Manager;
  • Ensure that Tearfund’s purpose, core values and project objectives are communicated to direct reports (and their subordinates) to create mutual understanding and ownership; 
  • Support the project in developing and maintaining the collaborative approach required to create value and maximize impact; 

Project Function/Department Management 

  • Take ownership of the project’s business development function and its approved Business Plan; ensure the proper implementation and management of the Business Plan;
  • Ensure that the nature, scale, scope and implementation methodology of the Business Plan is properly communicated to and understood by the direct reports and their subordinates; 
  • Ensure robust monitoring and timely corrective action with regards to the outworking of the  Business Plan; 
  • Identify suitable markets for Haryali Hub products and conduct comprehensive market assessments/analyses focusing on relevant quantitative and qualitative aspects as required by the approved Business Plan; 
  • Identify and articulate the Haryali Hub value chain and conduct a comprehensive value chain assessment; utilize the results to create competitive advantage, improve efficiency and enhance profit margin; 
  • Develop and implement an effective marketing strategy for Haryali Hub services and products in coordination with relevant team members; 
  • Develop, manage, sustain and enhance the relationships/partnerships with relevant customers and stakeholders necessary to ensure the sustainability of the Haryali Hubs; 
  • Ensure the proper and consistent analysis, management and reporting of the individual revenue streams and the Hub cost structure; 
  • Ensure the availability and management of key resources required to deliver the Haryali Hub Business Plan; 
  • Ensure the proper planning and implementation of the key activities required to deliver the Haryali Hub Business Plan; 
  • Ensure the availability of required information in a timely manner; accurate recording, archiving and dissemination of information generated by the function/department is essential; 
  • Develop an internal system for regular discussion on the Business Plan so that challenges and solutions are adequately identified and appropriately handled; 
  • Provide relevant internal and external stakeholders with high quality information as per their need, frequency, urgency and schedule; required level of discretion is to be maintained; 
  • Developing accurate and timely reports and materials for the Country Office, UK office and the donor; ensure that content and presentation are to a high standard and ensure that required formats and submission deadlines are met; 
  • Develop and maintain an enabling environment for learning, innovation and continuous improvement; 


  • Lead and manage direct reports ensuring clarity over plans and priorities, providing supervision, guidance and mentoring, encouraging effective teamwork and inclusiveness and building team spirit through regular meetings, interactions and events; 
  • Provide management support to direct reports in their management of others and their implementation of objectives, work plans and budgets; 
  • In collaboration with the Stakeholder & Community Engagement Coordinator, ensure Tearfund’s performance management system is effectively implemented within the department with objective setting, probationary review, regular catch-ups, performance appraisals, exit interviews carried out as and when required for all department staff; 
  • Conduct disciplinary and grievance procedure as and when required in conjunction with the Stakeholder & Community Engagement Coordinator;  
  • As part of the project team, support and promote effective teamwork and commitment to Tearfund’s Core Values and Quality Standards;


  • Participate in project activities and events as and when appropriate and represent Tearfund in these said occasions; 
  • Participate in workshops/trainings/events organized by the Country Office, UK office, and/or donors and give input on behalf of the project team and the organization;
  •   As and when directed by the Senior Project Manager, represent Tearfund to other INGOs, NGOs, government departments, government agencies, partners, associates, affiliates and other relevant stakeholders and ensure coordination and constructive working relations with the same;  
  • As and when directed by the Senior Project Manager, represent Tearfund to donor representatives and other visitors to the project office and working areas;   
Requirements and Skills


  • Master’s degree in a relevant discipline; 


  • Proven experience of successfully managing a social enterprise or a small to medium business enterprise; 
  • Proven experience of working in complex economic environments with informal and formal stakeholders; 
  • Proven marketing and sales acumen and experience; 
  • Proven experience of successfully managing a social enterprise or a small to medium business enterprise in solid waste management / recycling; 
  • Proven experience of value chain development; 


  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English; 
  • Excellent financial skills including budgeting, financial analysis and agile business planning; 
  • Computer proficiency; 
  • Organizational and administrative skills; 
  • Coordination and communication skills; tact and diplomacy; 
  • Ability to multitask effectively; 
  • Adaptive management in response to learning; 
  • Conflict resolution skills; 
  • Mentoring skills; 


  • Emotionally mature; 
  • Team player; 
  • Understanding of and sensitivity to cross cultural issues; 
  • Commitment to accountability to beneficiaries and transparency; 
  • Shows respect for the dignity of the vulnerable and disadvantaged; 
  • Demonstrates a willingness to listen, understand and act appropriately; 
  • Flexible and able to remain composed under pressure; 
  • Willing to travel and live in basic conditions; 
  • People developer and motivator
How to Apply

Please see the vacancy in the table below. Any interested candidates must send an updated CV and cover letter to Applicants must clearly state the position being applied for in the subject line of the email.

About Organization

Tearfund has been working in Pakistan since 1973. Currently, we are collaborating closely with 20 local organisations. We focus on several issues, ranging from responding to disasters, developing theological training and small scale community savings groups known as Self-Help Groups.

Wherever it’s possible, Tearfund works hard to put more power and decision-making into the hands of local organisations – particularly when it comes to preparing for, and responding to, disasters. Locally-based groups tend to have a much clearer idea of what is needed for their communities and regions. It means that if disaster does strike, men and women are already present on the ground, ready to act – however remote and inaccessible the affected region.

This is the thinking behind the Shifting the Power project, in which Tearfund collaborated with Pakistan’s National Humanitarian Network. Over 170 national organisations have so far been empowered to respond more effectively to emergencies and disasters. It makes thousands of communities less reliant on direct interventions from Tearfund or other outside organisations.

After a disaster such as a quake or flooding has struck, the immediate response to save lives, and keep people warm and fed, is only the beginning. The communities hit, need to rebuild their lives and often their livelihoods, as land and equipment is damaged and destroyed. In particular we seek to make sure that the needs of women are recognised, through the promotion of women’s livelihoods and small scale community savings groups.

A recent example of this work is the Food Security and Livelihood program, supported by the Scottish Government, which responded to the widespread flooding at the beginning of the decade, with a focus on women’s livelihoods. Over 19,000 people from rural communities have received support and training to rebuild their existing livelihoods or start new ones, including goat-rearing, vegetable gardening and much more besides.

Vast numbers are affected by a basic lack of clean water and basic sanitation throughout Pakistan. Tearfund and our partners have helped to change the lives of millions with community-led water and sanitation projects. These help communities gain access to clean water, build functioning latrines and learn about low cost water purification techniques.

Pakistan currently produces more than 20 million tonnes of waste annually, of which only half is currently collected. There are huge implications for this, both for people’s health, and the environment, as much of this is burned. The Haryali Hub is a major new waste management project, which has already been recognised, winning the international aid and development award at the Charity Awards 2018. It is a community-based model which recycles 90% of waste, sells high-grade organic compost and recyclables, and costs 10 times less than regular waste-collection alternatives. It also provides vital employment for local people, as well as making people’s homes cleaner and safer places to live.