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Background & Description


SABAWON (Social Action Bureau for Assistance in Welfare and Organizational Networking) is a civil society organization registered under society’s act 1860, with its programme coordination office based in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan. Since its foundation in 1994, SABAWON worked for the development of marginalized communities, especially women and children, in crisis affected areas of Pakistan where access is often limited. SABAWON is working in different sectors i.e Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Education, Renewable Energy, Rural Development, Poverty Alleviation, Integrated Water Management, Innovative agricultural practices and food & nutrition security. SABAWON Geographical focus is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and FATA.

SABAWON with the technical & financial support of DWHH (Deutsche Welthungerhilfe) is implementing three years project with overall objective of “Counter effects of conflict and migration by strengthening socio-economic resilience of communities in Bannu, KP province and returnees in North Waziristan Agency of FATA region”. The project intervention focuses on households, who are having limited income opportunities and/or face food insecurity because of limited access to livelihood options, land and/or poor skills development, including farmers, pastoralists and craftsmen. The project aims at contributing to increased food & nutrition security and increasing income generating options for crisis-affected populations of Bannu (KP) and also returnees (FATA).These aims are being addressed through focusing on four main areas:
Community based structures and mechanisms for improved communication and participation are in place and functional linkages between communities and local authorities are established;

Improved Capacity of the local partner in project development and management and an advanced organizational development strategy;

Transferable/Conducive Livelihood Options through market-oriented skill development and entrepreneurial support that contributes to sustainable income generation;

Improved access to WASH facilities and services on community level and adoption of adequate health, hygiene and nutrition practices;

Households’ capacity of site-specific nutrient rich food production through climate smart agricultural and livestock practices and management systems is sustainably increased;

The TORs for this assignment are prepared under the Output # 2 Capacity Building of SABAWON’s staff on gender and its related process and approaches, awareness raising on the concept of gender, integration of gender in development, clarity on gender concept and improving the quality of SABAWON’s Gender guidelines as a comprehensive organizational document.

Purpose/Rationale for the assignment;

The main purpose of this study is to hire an experienced gender specialist for SABAWON’s staff training/capacity building on gender and also improving the quality of SABAWON’s Gender guidelines. This activity is a part of the 1083 project aiming to develop the organization’s structures of SABAWON.

Scope of Work;

Geographical Scope: The geographical scope of the trainer/expert will be District Bannu and District Peshawar KP, Pakistan.

Key Deliverables;

Successful performance of this assignment will be based on production and timely submission of the following deliverables to SABAWON;

4.1 Task #1 Training/Capacity building of SABAWON staff on gender its concepts and action plan:

o   Developing session plan and presentation before training for review and necessary corrections;  

o   Developing a draft report on gender capacity building training for review; 

o   Final reports (one electronic copy in PDF format and one in DOC format);

o   Pre and Post evaluation of the training participants;

o   Sharing presentations in soft with SABAWON’s Project Manager for record;

4.2 Task # 2 improving the SABAWON’s Guidelines:

o   The expert is required to developing work plan for the assigned task of improving the quality of SABAWON’s gender guidelines and action plan;

o   First draft submission after 30 days while final draft after 45 days;

5.    Lines of Communication/Reporting;

The trainer will work in close coordination with, SABAWON Project Manager and Program Manager PMER.

6.    Responsibilities;

6.1.        Responsibilities of the Trainer;

·         Developing session Plan with consultation of SABAWON; (Task#1)

·         Develop a comprehensive & session plan based presentation for effective training; (task#1)

·         Develop strategy (within session Plan) of training methodology; (Task#1)

·         Prepare a detailed work Plan for improving the quality of SABAWON’s gender guidelines (Task#2);

·         Sharing secondary data material (Task#2)

·         Ensuring active participation, involvement and contributions of the training participants in the training/capacity building activity to smoothly achieve the objective; (Task#1)

·         Pre and Post evaluation of training (while making short content); (Task#1)

6.2.        Responsibilities of SABAWON;

·         Will ensure the participants attendance in training; (Task#1)

·         Will review the guidelines 1st Draft and will share with Donor (Task#2)

·         Will make Logistic arrangements for training (Hall, refreshments etc); (task #1)

·         Will arrange & provide training material (multimedia, printing, stationery etc); (Task#1)

·         Will facilitate the trainer in group work; (Task # 1)

·         Will submit 1st Draft  of the guideline to the donor for review and necessary corrections/remarks; (Task # 2)

Requirements and Skills

Eligibility of a Consultant:

Must have at least 3 years’ experience in facilitating/delivering trainings on Gender awareness, related concept and approaches;

Must have experience of developing Guidelines/SOP’s for Organizations etc;

Excellent report writing and presentation skills;

Must be aware of Anti -sexual harassment at workplace Act 2010 and had experience of orienting teams on this ACT;

Proven Knowledge of the women and development approaches, concepts action plans etc; the expert is required to possess adequate knowledge of the UN Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in perspective of gender and development themes; possess. He/she should possess knowledge of gender integration in project cycle management;

To understand the role of Gender in the development areas, including health and nutrition, education, food security, WASH and livelihood and building the society;


Must have a Master Degree in gender studies or social sciences.

How to Apply

Application Process and Timeline;

Interested individuals and firms to submit the following documents via email:

i.      CV of the consultant who will undertake the relevant assignment (for individual consultant); OR Copy of registration as well as organizational profile of the consulting firm;

ii.     Copy of CNIC for Individual & NTN certificate for firm;

iii.    Financial Proposal (Inclusive of all taxes);


The stipulated total timeframe for the assignments task # 1training is 1days and expected to be held in March 2019. While for improving guidelines, the work schedule is spanned over 45 working days in total, (final Draft) however submission of the first draft of guideline is due in first 30 days of the total duration of assignment.

The selected firm/individual will be required to fully complete and successfully accomplish  the assigned tasks (Task # 1 capacity Building and Task # 2 Improving Guidelines) in all respects. All interested parties are requested to follow this planned work schedule, while preparing their proposals/work plan.


All interested firms/individuals are requested to send their CVs and other documents on the following email address before 13th February, 2019 COB. Please do mention “Capacity Building and Awareness on Gender and Improving Gender Guidelines” in subject of the E-mail.

About Organization

SABAWON stands for Social Action Bureau for Assistance in Welfare and Organizational Networking. It is a civil society organization created in September 1994, and is registered with the Government of Pakistan under the Societies Act of 1860.

SABAWON is working to form a society which is attributed as free from all kind of discrimination and striving to provide an enabling environment to the under resourced vulnerable communities for ensuring sustainable livelihood. Motivated by our concern for the country's poverty, affecting mostly women and children, SABAWON's mission is to provide access to the primary education, health resources, diseases prevention and promote development in social sector through dynamic partnerships that builds the local capacity in efficient and measurable ways:

We believe in Partnership;
We together find Solutions;
We strive for Change; and
We make a Difference.