Background & Description

The positions are envisioned under GCF funded “Transforming Indus Basin with Climate Resilient Agriculture and Water Management” project.


Modelling of climate change scenarios for Pakistan shows that if agriculture and water management in the Indus River Basin continue along a ‘business as usual’ pathway, increasing temperatures and changes in precipitation will pose serious threats to the future livelihoods of farmers and to the Pakistani agricultural sector. In response to this challenge, the GCF funded project, “Transforming Indus Basin with Climate Resilient Agriculture and Water Management”, will help shift Pakistan and Indus Basin agriculture from its current situation of high vulnerability toward an alternative paradigm wherein better information and farming practices will significantly increase resilience to climate change. To do this, the project will develop the country’s capacity to get and use the information it needs to cope with the impacts of climate change on agriculture and water management by putting in place state-of-the art technology (Component 1); building farmers resilience to climate change through skills, knowledge and technology (Component 2), and creating a wider enabling environment for continuous adaptation and expanded sustainable uptake of climate-resilient approaches (Component 3).

Tasks and responsibilities


  • Develop and maintain  the project compliance and safeguarding requirements including but not limited to the Risk Register, Social and Environmental Safeguards, Conflict Sensitivity Analysis and Mapping, Beneficiary Grievance Registration and Redress Mechanism, Targeting Strategy focussing on inclusion of the most marginalized communities/groups in particular gender inclusion and mainstreaming, Do No Harm Principles;
  • Provide day to day guidance to the project team on project compliance, due diligence and safeguarding requirements to enhance program quality;
  • Develop and maintain an inclusion plan of the project to ensure key principles of ‘Do No Harm’ and ‘Leave No One Behind’ are met drawing heavily from the project targeting strategy, Gender Action Plan, Indigenous People Policy and others;
  • Ensure that gender considerations are mainstreamed in the planning, design and implementation of activities;
  • Prepare a monthly and quarterly framework for monitoring due diligence and compliance issues, and the implementation of risk mitigations measures,
  • Work with  the M&E team in setting/reconfirming the baseline and reviewing progress made against all indicators in the programme results framework from compliance/safeguarding perspective;
  • Develop methodology, data collection procedures and tools to monitor and report on the application of due diligence, safeguarding, risk monitoring and compliance requirements, and progress made toward meeting the smart social (including gender), environmental and capacity building indicators.
  • Conduct field visits as necessary to prepare risk monitoring and mitigation plans, and report the risks tackled, responded or pending remedial actions;
  • Prepare, maintain and review risk register with clear mitigation actions ensuring application of a risk-informed compliance monitoring system;
  • Monitor grievances, feedback and redressed actions as per established grievance redress mechanism;
  • Prepare reports on due diligence, compliance and safeguarding issues; Report timely alerts to the Management on complaints, triggered risks and deviations for necessary remedial measures and timely action;
  • Liaise closely with the M&E team and project consortium  partners to ensure findings are recorded, shared as necessary and actions taken;
  • Perform any other relevant compliance and safeguard tasks as requested by organization
Requirements and Skills
  • Advance University degree in Socio-ecological Sciences, Development Studies or Agriculture and Social related degrees
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in designing, implementing and M&E of programmes to meet due diligence, safeguard, risk monitoring and compliance requirements.
  • Good knowledge of Urdu and Sindhi, and a good working knowledge of English and ability to work in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams is essential.
  • National of Pakistan
How to Apply

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About Organization

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