Background & Description

The Senior Project Manager will be responsible for the successful delivery of the specified outcomes of the three-year project “Transforming plastic and other waste into livelihoods, green products, better health and an improved environment for the urban poor in the Indus River Delta, Pakistan” funded by UK Aid Match (the “UKAM project”) in Pakistan.
The Senior Project Manager will be accountable for ensuring that initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing activities are conducted in a transparent, timely, efficient, effective and integrated manner.
The Senior Project Manager will focus on using allocated resources to achieve specific project objectives while ensuring compliance with donor policies and guidelines, in-country regulations and best practices within the development sector.
The project will develop and disseminate evidence-based learning on economically and environmentally sustainable approaches to community-focused solid waste management while ensuring the implementation of a contextualized and robust strategy to secure stakeholder ownership and tangible support, replication and scale-up of the project’s waste management model (known as the “Haryali Hub”).


● The post-holder will at all times, carry out their responsibilities with the utmost respect for the protection of children and vulnerable adults in accordance with Tearfund’s Safeguarding Policy;

● The post-holder will be expected to behave in accordance with Tearfund’s ‘Code of Conduct’ as referred to in the Personal Conduct Policy.


Project Leadership and Direction

● Develop and maintain a collaborative ecosystem approach that will manage risks better, allocate resources and distribute responsibilities appropriately, stimulate innovation and harness collective wisdom to create added value and maximize impact;

● Provide leadership and guidance to the project team and appropriate levels of input and insight to the Country Office, Tearfund UK and the donor;

● Ensure an enabling environment for cross-learning from other UKAM projects being implemented by Tearfund on a global level and timely dissemination of said learning to relevant staff and stakeholders;

● Ensure the delivery of learning on sustainable social business/enterprise models that address the solid waste management challenges faced by marginalized communities in urban, semi-urban and peri-urban areas of Sindh;

● Ensure an enabling environment for learning from other social and commercial enterprises that address the solid waste management crisis in Sindh and the timely dissemination of said learning to relevant staff and stakeholders;

● Chair meetings of the relevant project governance structure with a view to identifying and resolving issues of concern, ensuring best practices and determining the most effective means of delivering expected outcomes;

● Provide in-depth knowledge, expert opinion and updated information to the relevant project governance structure on project progress, success indicators and realization of desired impacts;

● Assist the relevant project governance structure in strategic decision-making and managing higher level aspects of the project’s learning and coordination outcomes;

Team Management

● Provide clear support and guidelines to the project staff on project implementation;

● In conjunction with the HR Team, ensure Tearfund’s performance management system is effectively implemented across the project, with objective setting, probationary reviews, regular catch-ups, 6-monthly performance appraisals and exit interviews, carried out for all staff

● In conjunction with the HR Team, ensure the resourcing and implementation of Tearfund’s staff development policy, including personal development planning, across the program in a way that is consistent and transparent.

● Ensure, in coordination with human resources team, that appropriate staff is hired and trained in a timely manner for project implementation;

● Encourage, mentor, counsel, support, coach and guide the project team, ensuring capacity is built and required results are obtained; Project Management

● Plan, design and provide direct supervision of the implementation of project activities to ensure that deadlines are met and that activities produce desired quality outputs;

● Ensure that detailed implementation plan and/or operational strategy are amended and subsequently approved, if required, in a timely manner with proper analysis and justification;

● Ensure that project objectives, targets and implementation approaches are effectively communicated among project staff to foster mutual understanding, ownership and the creation of an enabling and learning environment;

● Facilitate regular learning reviews to check “go / no go” criteria and deceptively manage the project to innovate in order to achieve successful outcomes;

● Ensure the safety, security, health and well-being of all staff through development, implementation and monitoring of relevant plans and strategies;

● Ensure that the expected project outcomes are realized in a timely manner as per budget, donor and Country Office guidelines, applicable laws and regulations and approved project design;

● Use appropriate performance management tools and techniques to ensure high quality outputs and team performance;

● Ensure cross-learning among different field locations by providing enabling environment and forums for communication and application of lessons learned;

● Contribute towards the development and proper use of tools and strategies to monitor the progress, quality and impact of the project;

● Ensure timely review meetings with Country Office and contribute in meetings with incountry or visiting donor representatives;

● Identify, understand and articulate project risks, be cognizant of changing scenarios and ensure that risk management is robust;

● Lead and assist in resolving issues that arise during project implementation; ensure timely reporting of the same to the Country Office;

● Lead collaboration and coordination with formal and informal partners and stakeholders of the project, including local government, CBOs, NGOs and private sector actors involved in solid waste management, media, and academic research into the health impacts of the project;

● Ensure the development and timely implementation of exit strategy for each social business (Haryali Hub) and overall project closure plan;

Financial and resource management

● Ensure that the Country Office obtains required information and documentation in a timely manner so that monthly reporting and senior management review occur as planned/scheduled;

● Monitor on a monthly actual versus budgeted expenditures and take responsibility for variances above permitted thresholds;

● Ensure the allocation and use of financial resources keeping in mind efficiency, effectiveness and quality;

● Periodically review the budget and recommend changes to the Country Office based on experience and evolving conditions and/or circumstances;

● In conjunction with the Operations Coordinator, ensure logistics systems (procurement, transport, storage, communications, estate/building management, asset management etc) are in accordance with Tearfund logistics systems and policies, and follow contextualized Standard Operating Procedures.

Requirements and Skills


  • Minimum of 5 year of experience required in managing complex project.

Required Qualification:

Graduate or Masters degree or equivalent qualification in Project Management

Certification in Project Management or , Environmental Studies, Development Studies or Business Administration


  • Fluency in English, Urdu (reading. writing, speaking) is required
  • Verbal fluency in Sindhi would be advantageous


Excellent written and verbal communication skills, leadership and management skills, organisational and multitasking skills, negotiation and representation skills, analytical and problem solving skills, networking, adaptive management in response to learning.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must send an updated CV and cover letter to The closing date for receiving applications is October 13, 2019.

Only Pakistani nationals are eligible to apply for this role.

About Organization

Tearfund has been working in Pakistan since 1973. Currently, we are collaborating closely with 20 local organisations. We focus on several issues, ranging from responding to disasters, developing theological training and small scale community savings groups known as Self-Help Groups.

Wherever it’s possible, Tearfund works hard to put more power and decision-making into the hands of local organisations – particularly when it comes to preparing for, and responding to, disasters. Locally-based groups tend to have a much clearer idea of what is needed for their communities and regions. It means that if disaster does strike, men and women are already present on the ground, ready to act – however remote and inaccessible the affected region.

This is the thinking behind the Shifting the Power project, in which Tearfund collaborated with Pakistan’s National Humanitarian Network. Over 170 national organisations have so far been empowered to respond more effectively to emergencies and disasters. It makes thousands of communities less reliant on direct interventions from Tearfund or other outside organisations.

After a disaster such as a quake or flooding has struck, the immediate response to save lives, and keep people warm and fed, is only the beginning. The communities hit, need to rebuild their lives and often their livelihoods, as land and equipment is damaged and destroyed. In particular we seek to make sure that the needs of women are recognised, through the promotion of women’s livelihoods and small scale community savings groups.

A recent example of this work is the Food Security and Livelihood program, supported by the Scottish Government, which responded to the widespread flooding at the beginning of the decade, with a focus on women’s livelihoods. Over 19,000 people from rural communities have received support and training to rebuild their existing livelihoods or start new ones, including goat-rearing, vegetable gardening and much more besides.

Vast numbers are affected by a basic lack of clean water and basic sanitation throughout Pakistan. Tearfund and our partners have helped to change the lives of millions with community-led water and sanitation projects. These help communities gain access to clean water, build functioning latrines and learn about low cost water purification techniques.

Pakistan currently produces more than 20 million tonnes of waste annually, of which only half is currently collected. There are huge implications for this, both for people’s health, and the environment, as much of this is burned. The Haryali Hub is a major new waste management project, which has already been recognised, winning the international aid and development award at the Charity Awards 2018. It is a community-based model which recycles 90% of waste, sells high-grade organic compost and recyclables, and costs 10 times less than regular waste-collection alternatives. It also provides vital employment for local people, as well as making people’s homes cleaner and safer places to live.