Background & Description

The Social Accountability Advisor will build up and retain capacity for social accountability programming within the organization.

Requirements and Skills


• Bachelors or Master’s degree in Governance or a related discipline of social science, with proven affinity of social awareness.
• Experience with reviewing current development programmes on governance and social accountability and identifying areas for improvement.
• Knowledge and practice of social accountability tools and processes such as community scorecards, participatory budgeting and social audits etc.
• Knowledge and or practice of political economy analysis to support accountability programme design would be a strong asset.
• Experience in facilitating citizen-state engagement and dialogue
• Understanding of participatory approaches to working with community development
• Strong understanding of rights-based approach to development
• Recognition of the role of power and politics(vested interests) in constraining locally-led change
• Understanding of evidence-based influencing and advocacy
• Strong listening and observation skills
• Good facilitation skills using participatory processes and techniques
• A commitment to community-led processes of social change
• Willingness to learn and unlearn
• Self – aware and reflective
• Ability to step back and allow others to lead

• Experience of working abroad
• Experience of working in Pakistan or South Asian context
• Contextual awareness of SA issues in the area

How to Apply

Visit this link for online Application

About Organization

Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO was set up in the UK in 1958. Today we work to improve education, health, livelihoods, gender and social inclusion and resilience in 24 countries across the globe. VSO believes that people are the primary agents of change. Volunteers, giving their professional expertise, serve marginalized communities in more than 20 countries across the world. They share their skills with carefully selected partner organisations: learning their assets, strengths and needs, developing solutions and supporting national volunteers to lead the change.

VSO Pakistan was established in 1987 with the support of the British Council and in 1991 started working independently. Four years later VSO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Pakistan, which was renewed in 2016 with MoI and EAD as per new INGO regulations enforced by the Government of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, VSO has engaged the skills and expertise of over 500 international volunteers and over 100 national volunteers, primarily to support initiatives in education, participation and governance, youth social cohesion and peace, health, resilience building, HIV and AIDS, and women empowerment. These experts in their fields have been placed with a diverse range of over 70 partner organisations across Pakistan.

Currently, VSO Pakistan envisions to present itself through its initiative as an organization which is able to reach the most marginalized primary actors for bringing a meaningful change in their lives through youth engagement, promoting social cohesion, women empowerment, secure livelihoods, resilience/disaster risk management and inclusive education programmes. Enabling us to promote gender equality a culture of inclusion, youth employment and enterprise, enhance voice and accountability and develop community resilience.