Posting jobs on Pak NGOs!

Kindly note the following important points if you want to advertise jobs on Pak NGOs:

  1. Pak NGOs charges a small fee for posting jobs. See the section on pricing below for more information on charges.
  2. Anonymous job posts are allowed only if Pak NGOs is informed in advance.
  3. Please provide some details. Background (Explain what kind of project it is that the person would be working on, and what kind of responsibilities the person would have); Requirements (Education, Experience, Skills necessary for the job).
  4. If you need more persons with the same job description (even in different cities), it will be considered one job post. For example, if you need 5 marketing officers (2 males, 3 female/2 in Lahore, 3 in Gujranwala), it is one job post.
  5. Job remains posted till the last date for submission of the application. It automatically disappears after the deadline.
  6. The deadline for submission of applications must be at least 5 days from the date of posting the job.

Why Pak NGOs?

It includes posting on website (150 K visits per month), and circulation on Facebook (with more than 32,000 followers), Twitter (more than 1000 followers), and LinkedIn (more than 4,500 followers), and sharing with our subscribers (more than 17,000 subscribers) through email.  

The greatest benefit with Pak NGOs is that your post reaches the right audience – people who are working in NGOs/INGOs/UN Agencies and Consultants. You get the response from the right kind of people. Try it if you don’t believe it.

The Pricing

National NGOs: One Post – Rs 1,000 | International NGOs/Companies: One Post – Rs 2,000

For organizations/companies based in countries other than Pakistan: One Post – US $ 25

Bulk Packages for National NGOs

Bulk Packages for International NGOs