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  • Head Office at Lahore

  • Phone: 04235156382

  • Email: info@akhuwat.org.pk


Akhuwat is Pakistan’s largest interest free microfinance organization which envisions a poverty free society built on the principles of compassion and mutual support.

Akhuwat is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor; those who are financially abused, abandoned and disregarded by society. As a registered non-governmental organization, Akhuwat provides the poor with interest-free loans so that they may acquire a livelihood and the skills and support they need to reach their full potential
Drawing on the principles of social justice and brotherhood, Akhuwat relies on local philanthropy, operates through religious places and seeks to inspire and harness the spirit of volunteerism in society. In this manner, the mandate of Akhuwat extends beyond financial transactions as it makes every effort to guide, support and empower the poor.

Akhuwat’s total disbursement has now reached to PKR 39 Billion by serving more than 1,800,000 Poor Families. From a modest philanthropic experiment, the continued support from the civil society has allowed Akhuwat to expand into a network of 675 branches in over 350 cities and towns across the country - Akhuwat's loan recovery rate is above 99.94%.


A poverty free society built on the principles of compassion and equity.


To alleviate poverty by empowering socially and economically marginalized families through interest free microfinance and by harnessing entrepreneurial potential, capacity building and social guidance.


·         To provide interest free microfinance services to poor families enabling them to become self reliant.

·         To promote qard-e-hasana as a viable model and a broad-based solution for poverty alleviation.

·         To provide social guidance, capacity building and entrepreneurial training.

·         To institutionalize the spirit of brotherhood, compassion, and volunteerism.

·         To transform Akhuwat borrowers into donors.

·         To make Akhuwat a sustainable, growth-oriented and replicable organization.

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