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  • Themes & Interventions: Economic Empowerment

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  • Head Office at Hyderabad

  • House No. 14 A, abdullah City Opposite to Noor Public School, qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh

  • Phone: 0222103230

  • Email: info@amrdo.org


AMRDO is destined to serve masses without any social segregation or class distinction. It is the organization of the people, for the people and by the people. All its efforts are directed for the human development and their social and economic amelioration and prosperity. Our vision is to minimize poverty, usher an era of economic booming for the communities captivated under the clutches of poverty.

AMRDO micro credit program is an example in this direction that has brought more prolific method of enterprise development. Agricultural development, livestock, enterprise and handicraft are the major areas where AMRDO has invited thousands of clients to change their fate by operating their potential with the micro credit facility provided for sustaining their economic lot.

The Health, Education, social development and community physical infra structure and disaster management sector are the other areas where AMRDO is making all possible efforts to meet the expectations of the common masses.

The AMRDO community model school system, Community health initiatives, and community organizations formation at village level, provision of supplying pure drinking water in inaccessible areas and bringing renaissance among the rural females for their socio economic uplift are the efforts which has been highly appreciated and commended.

AMRDO is reaping the fruits of its commitment with the community. The number of its clients in the economic development sector has surpassed to 17342 with 11098, 64% of female clients. AMRDO community model school system is procuring highly standardized education with latest curricula to more the 1100 children of down trodden masses. There are more than 300 community organizations and 1743 community credit groups at village level working for human and organizational development for rural population.

AMRDO believes in equal opportunity for every individual by providing the basic amenities as well as necessities of life that could ensure up holding of human values and his social dignity. By implementing its vision AMRDO strives for balanced economic life with maximum economic opportunity for a common man to have prosperous life, beside this better education and Health are the essential priorities of AMRDO for bringing social stability among masses for a sustained social and economic development.

The AMRDO network is having cemented relation with the community in the regular discourse and also in any uneven situations. AMRDO is having its permanent settlements in the shape of offices; regular working staff and all necessary logistic mechanism necessary of meeting the operational activities are also available in these areas.
Visualizing the gross root level of community interaction and working, the most prolific organizations and donor agencies extended the hand of cooperation and working with AMRDO including Pakistan poverty alleviation fund (PPAF) Orangi charitable trust (OCT), Transparency international, Australian high commission and Trust for voluntarily organizations (TVO) , RTI MISEREOR , RTI Home Less International ,UNDP Pakistan , International Organization for Migration IOM, DTCE-UNDP, ODA JAPAN and USAID. AMRDO is proud of having working partnership with the above-mentioned organizations and exploring new vistas socio, economic prosperity for our community to address their real and genuine issues.


AMRDO’s vision is socio economic empowerment of poor communities through participatory development.


AMRDO endeavors for marginalized masses of Pakistan, to enhance empowerment through institutional development, social and financial services and other sectoral programs.

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