About Organization
  • Established in: 2010

  • Registration Law: Society Registration Act 1860

  • Themes & Interventions: Education, Disaster, Health

  • What We Do: Awareness Rising, Service Delivery

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Quetta

  • Office # 5, Baloch Street Barat Road Near Jinnah Town Quetta

  • Phone: 03003816515

  • Email: brdpbalochistan@yahoo.com


Organization Name:                 Balochistan Rural Development Program

Established:                            October 2010

Registered on:                          2011

Registration:                            Society Act 1860 / TTB

Contact Person:                       Abdul Samad Baloch, Director BRDP.

Postal Address                        Bungalow No, 05 Baloch Street, Barat Road Jinnah Town Quetta.

Landline:                                  081-2302446

Contacts:                                 Cell: 03433136332 / 03003816151

Email:                                      brdpbalochistan@yahoo.com


To create an empowered, methodological and discrimination free Society, based on the values of Justice, Fairness, Peace and Tolerance on integrity loom.


Established an organization actively cooperates with the NGOs and Line Department to properly monitor and highlight the issues in time and correctly to mother tongue any problem. Educate the community member to cooperate with different and better links with the NGOs and Line Department.

Make efficient camp to take timely initiatives for the remedy of health, education and other social problems usually faced with.


To struggle for poverty reduction (focusing on service delivery)

To raise awareness among the people on human rights

To provide a platform to the people for raising their voice against all types of discriminations (esp. gender based discrimination)

To build strong working relationships with the government line agencies, civil society organizations

To build linkages local movements / struggles with other similar movements at Provincial, National and Regional levels.
Our Values

Honesty and Transparency;
Respect for diversity;
Condemn all sort of discriminations;
Knowledge and skill sharing with other organizations.
Supremacy of organization interest.
Democratic atmosphere
Thematic Areas

Human Rights
Gender Equality
Women Development
Poverty Reduction
Skill Development
Emergency Relief
Demographic Focus


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