About Organization
  • Established in: 2010

  • Registration Law: Society Registration Act 1860

  • Themes & Interventions: Education, Health

  • What We Do: Awareness Rising, Advocacy

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Swabi

  • Jangira Road, Mall Lara, District Swabi

  • Phone: 0938221774

  • Email: bdosw@yahoo.com


Brain Development Organization (BDO) is a non-profit, non-political and non-government organization working for the welfare and uplift of the standard of the poor and backward people of the Khyber Pukhtun khwa (KPK) province of Pakistan established in 2007. Looking to the misery of the people a group of highly motivated people came together to with the great zeal and enthusiasm to develop the life standard of these under privileged society of the country and form BDO registered with Social Welfare Department of government of KPK under Registration and Control Act 1961 under Registration number 3315. The organization has valid account number 3046-4 in National Bank of Pakistan, Maneri Branch, Swabi.


To acquire a society where all the people have an equal and easy access to all available opportunities, resources and fundamental rights without any discrimination and especially committed to a just, vibrant, progressive and democratic society where women are fully empowered, gender equality, human security and opportunities are ensured for all, peace prevails and resources are shared on a sustainable and equitable basis.


To facilitate the under developed, marginalized and destitute communities for their Socio-economic uplift by formulating policies and institutional changes through human resources development, advocacy and awareness rising campaign in the society and especially


·         To mobilize and stimulate moralized community about the importance of education and get them involve in all the activities of their children education.

·         To create awareness among neglected segments of society especially women and Children about their basic rights i.e. education, access to resource and facilities.

·         To develop and strengthen basic organization on local level and bring them into a network to motivate them to undertake developmental activities for the welfare of the people

·         To motivate women sect to participate in economical activities by providing them skill development training to enable them to provide a gender balance.

·         To protect and prevent the target society from the abuse of social evils.

·         To provide basic health facilities to the target community by educating and providing them the health training.

·         To maintain a balance of economic equality in the target community by providing such training to enable them to earn their livelihood.

·         To help the needy and affected people of the province in any natural or artificial calamity.

·         To develop a sensitive society against the social evils like human trafficking, inheritance, swara, air firing etc.

·         To preserve the natural resources at their original shape by providing training and developmental programs.