• Job Title: Consultancy - Research on Minority Women/Girls

  • Organization Name: The South Asia Collective

  • Location: Islamabad

  • Minimum Salary: Euro 5,000

  • Number of Vacancies: 1

  • Gender: Any

  • Closing on: 2021-09-21

How to Apply
  • Interested candidates should send:
    (1) Expression of interest
    (2) CV with sample of evaluation or baseline report
    (3) Proposed budgeting plan (including survey budget)

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  • The South Asia Collective, in collaboration with Minority Rights Group, are seeking six external consultants (one per country) to conduct research papers on the situation of women belonging to minority communities across Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Nepal. In the present dearth of tangible data relating specifically to minority women, we are seeking a consultant from each country to generate comprehensive data that elaborates on the multiple impact that intersectional discriminations can have on their day-to-day living, giving a more granular look into local and/or provincial contexts, rather than at the national level. A thorough study must also include specific, realistic, and measurable policy recommendations. The goal of this study is to create tangible material to conduct national and international advocacy with, and to be able to implement with civil society organizations.

    This research will be used for advocacy on both an international level, while also serving as a useful tool for national and local-level NGOs. Therefore, it must provide a set of implementation recommendations, and must be written in a clear, easy-to-read, and practical manner.

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    • Sound knowledge and experience on the field of Freedom of Religions or Beliefs; women’s rights, Civil Society Empowerment, Public Administration, Development or other related social science field;
    • Strong knowledge and experience working issues of religious minorities in individual South Asian countries;
    • Proven quantitative and qualitative research skills (candidates should provide a copy of baseline/evaluation reports produced); Strong background in participatory design, monitoring and evaluation methodologies;
    • Knowledge of logical and results frameworks; In-country work experience
    • Fluent in English, Urdu, and relevant local language(s);
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