About Organization
  • Established in: 2015

  • Themes & Interventions: Education, Environment, Disaster, Women, Economic Empowerment

  • What We Do: Service Delivery

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Hyderabad

  • @ BRC-Plot # A-21, GMB Colony Near Sonari Bank, Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Phone: 03337189154

  • Email: des.org@hotmail.com


Development & Empowerment Society (DES) is an independent registered non-government and nonprofit civil society organization. Prime motto of DES is capacity building and services delivery to the deprived and marginalized people of the society.

In 2015 a group of educated, dynamic and like-minded youth working in the development sector, got together to establish an organization, for addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the peoples. True to this spirit the organization was named Development & Empowerment Society.

Considering their association with the development sector the group was conscious of the overabundance of problems troubling the development. Consequently, the organization’s focus was not kept limited either in terms of geography or sector. DES has been carrying a range of interventions in the areas of education, health & hygiene, youth & women empowerment, emergency response & preparedness, governance, free legal aid, human rights, etc.

The type of activities undertaken by the organization range from capacity building to service delivery, with focus remaining on the deprived and marginalized segments of the society. Whereas in terms of operations what characterizes DES’s functioning are its efforts to (a) enlist involvement of the locals when initiating activities at the grass root level; and (b) mobilize women for bringing peace, tolerance, and development in society.


Mission Statement

To empower the less-prioritized and marginalized communities/groups through education, awareness raising, capacity building and service delivery, and to help them through self-fulfilled approach to play a constructive role for development of society



A self-developed, resilient and just society, free of all kinds of discriminations and human rights violations


Objectives of DES Pakistan

To educate the deprived and under privilege common folk about the basic human rights and find basis to incorporate their efforts and mobilization to achieve maximum output
To enable the community in development of local level institutions and assist them in undertaking community based welfare and development interventions.
Implementation of women welfare and development programs aimed at socio-economic empowerment of women through their participation in all developmental programs.
To Provide quality legal assistance to adolescent victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking, especially street children in conflict with law and children in detention, vulnerable to sexual abuse
Promote Gender Equity.
To ensure full participation of grassroots level organizations in decision making process including problem identification, planning, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation aimed at sustainability
To facilitate easy access to credit and motivate communities for group saving leading towards small enterprise development and income generating activities aimed at economic empowerment.
To work for water supply, sanitation and hygiene.
To establish resource centers aimed at facilitating target communities and local level institutions through information, education and communication.
Assisting communities in disaster preparedness and mitigation through various community based disaster risk reduction program.
To develop effective linkages with government line agencies, nongovernment organizations, and donor agencies working for community development.
Human resource development and training aimed at skill enhancement and knowledge up gradation in order to ensure better implementation of participatory rural development programs by community partners.
Conservation of natural resources, bio-diversity and environmental protection.
Raising awareness of environmental issues through advocacy, networking, public interest litigation and education.
Organizing issue-specific and objective-oriented campaigns building social pressure to influence decision-making at national and international levels in favor of deprived, marginalized and vulnerable segments of the community.

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