About Organization
  • Established in: 2017

  • Registration Law: Society Registration Act 1860

  • Themes & Interventions: Disaster

  • What We Do: Awareness Rising, Service Delivery

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Islamabad

  • on 2nd floor upon Shoaib Medical Store Opposite Main gate of Peolpes Medical College Hospital (PMCH) Nawabshah.

  • Phone: 03353802212

  • Email: info@emf.org.pk


The Epilepsy Medicare Foundation is well known as “EMF or EMF-Pakistan” is a non Government, Non-Commercial, Non-Religious, and Non-Political humanitarian organization. EMF is working for most marginalized and vulnerable communities specially focus on persons of all ages with Disease of Epilepsy. Positive changes are brought in the unjust social, economic and cultural attitude for epileptic patients man women and children. Awareness about care & cure against epilepsy at urban & rural areas. Capabilities would be developed of rural community, civil society organizations, and various stake holders to manage epilepsy patients during & after fits. Response to global initiatives regarding epilepsy to replicate at national level. To work for the mitigation/reduction of epilepsy cases in Pakistan.Epilepsy is a common chronic treatable medical (neurological) condition in which recurrent brief disturbances of brain function occur due to abnormal or excessive electrical discharge.

The brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles are like a well-integrated electronic system whose working depends upon electrical activity and chemicals in the brain. Any irregularity in the brain’s electronic circuit or the neuro-chemicals causes abnormal or excessive electrical discharges, resulting in an epileptic attack / fit / seizure.Regular intake of medicines can, not only control the abnormal / excessive electrical discharges in the brain but in some, the person can become seizure free and not require further medicines. Regular intake of medicines for a period advised by the treating doctor is necessary. It needs to be emphasized that after complete control of seizures it is the treating doctor who decides if it is appropriate to stop the medicines. Medicines have to be gradually tapered off under the expert’s guidance as sudden withdrawal can result in recurrence of seizures. In some patients, despite seizure freedom it may be necessary to continue the medicines as withdrawal may precipitate a seizure. Thus the patient should leave it to the treating physician, who is the best judge.