About Organization
  • Established in: 2012

  • Themes & Interventions: Education, Disaster, Economic Empowerment

  • What We Do: Service Delivery

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Hyderabad

  • Near Pak Foundation Public School, City Shahdadpur, District Sanghar, Sindh.

  • Phone: 0235844010

  • Email: info@hadi.org


Humanitarian Advocacy & Development initiatives is commonly known with its acronym HADI is one of the vivacious social development organizations working in District Sanghar& Sindh Province for the development &emancipation of marginalized & vulnerable communities living in rural areas & devoid of the basic amenities. HADI is striving to bring the lives of above cited communities in the mainstream of life and be active partners in the panorama of socio-economic, Political & cultural development.
HDAI was established in year 2006 & registered under the society act 1860 by group of young social developers, to address the genuine issues of the marginalized & deprived communities pertaining to their socio economic needs, sources of livelihood, capacity development socio-political emancipation & their participatory approach for self-development.
HADI envisions evolutionary change at gross root level for long term achievement & bringing a real change in human life with discernible changes in the lot of common man deprived from normal standard of human life.
Keeping in view HADI is endeavoring to streamline its access for achieving the desired results framed for its targeted population in Economic development, health, Health education, Education, Human and institutional development, Community Physical infrastructure , disaster management & natural resource sectors & campaigning for the dignity of human rights & ethical values & special adherence to child right, women emancipation.
Implementing the vision and transforming it into the real issues and needs of the masses, HADI has been able to come up with its desire, enshrined in its vision, Mission, objectives designed to serve people without the social, political, racial, sectarian & linguistic segregation. As defined earlier HADI is the core voice of marginalized & vulnerable communities, it equally proclaims the rights of minority communities including Hindus, Christian’s, and Parsee communities. HADI is also conscious of the rights of transgender community – a deprived & ignorant community in our society.
The core aim of HADI is to initiate perpetual efforts for the basic & dire needs of community which have been devoid to them & strive to end the class segregation with viable slogan of rights to all without social status or political discrimination as well as economic influence. HADI advocates a uniform system based on equality & championing human and ethical values. Our slogan is an independent society with synchronicity for all
HADI equally acclaims the rights of female and children. Women emancipation & bringing them on social , political & economic streamline accompanied with gigantic efforts for infusing participatory approach initiatives & struggle for attaining economic sustainance, safeguarding their rights including access to quality education, free will, political freedom, property rights and all such other rights which are almost denied to them & they are exposed to inhuman & immoral atrocities such as denial of free will in marriage, property rights, right of vote in rural areas, women trafficking, prostitution & kidnapping.
Extreme poverty & backwardness has put the female of slum areas in unusual conditions which resulted in women trafficking, prostitution & ill practices. HADI vocally condemns such acts & will provide legal and administrative support to female besieged in such circumstances.
Achieving the rights of children is the esteemed goal of HADI. Access to quality Education, health, infra structural & economic sustainance facilities is the real dream of HADI, besides this HADI is vocal against child labor, child abuse, bonded, forced labor among the children & would wage all out efforts for the child labor for children ageing between 5 to 16 years and all those abominable act which are compelling child abuse, trafficking & all those acts and activities which are indulging the children in immoral activities
Socio, political & economic advocacy / capacity development will be the principal effort for bringing revitalization amongst the deprived communities (both urban and rural) coupled with formation of community groups in urban areas and community organization / Village development organization (VDOs) for the promotion of participatory approach of development on sustainable / cemented way to translate the vision, mission and agenda of HADI into desired human development.


Enhancing determined efforts for community development accompanied with socio- economic well-being of marginalized & vulnerable communities dwelling at far flung areas devoid of basic amenities of life including quality health & education facilities & sustainable economic approaches.


Enormous efforts for socio economic development, women freedom , attainment of absolute rights of woman & children & all possible ways of human development to attain sustainability in human life with socio economic stability, the multi employment avenues & respect for human & ethical values in a society governed by democratic principles.


• Organize rural and urban communities (men and women) for undertaking sustainable development initiatives primarily on self-help basis
• To advocate the rural / slum urban population for participatory initiatives of organizing / establishing Community development groups / organizations or village development organization to enhance the inclination towards social networking / organized way of working.
• To empower women through education , participation in development activities and promote their socio-economic empowerment
• To promote quality education, encouraging formal & non formal education as per local requirement & opening of community model schools.
• Strive for Human Rights with special reference to child rights & forced labor.
• To build capacity of the community organizations to make them sustainable networks to play their due role in urban and rural development.
• To Undertake participatory development program’s for poverty alleviation and improvement of quality of life of the poor people
• To Promote conservation of natural resources and improve environment
• To Engage in advocacy and networking for addressing social issues of the society including social and political campaigning against inequalities, economic imbalanced society , usurpation of rights & other atrocities.
• To cooperate with national and international development organization for research & programs of local & national development.
• To work for Poverty alleviation and sustainable development to ensure viable sources of livelihood & income generation programs