About Organization
  • Established in: 2015

  • Registration Law: Section 42 of Companies Act 2017

  • Themes & Interventions: Health

  • What We Do: Research, Service Delivery

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Islamabad

  • House No 638 – E, Main double road, Sector E/11-4, Islamabad

  • Phone: 0518443306

  • Email: info@merf-pakistan.org


Medical Emergency Resilience Foundation (MERF) is a non-governmental, independent and non for profit humanitarian organization founded in 2015. MERF is established to provide vital health care and medical relief for vulnerable people in areas of natural disaster, conflict, disease outbreak and health systems collapse. MERF acts regardless of race, gender, religious or political affiliation. MERF operations are run by the employees and professionals, all of whom are highly motivated and committed to working flexibly toward the humanitarian aims and objectives of the organisation and to the benefit of disadvantaged populations.


The main objective of the Company is to improve health status of population by human resource development through capacity building and strengthening the health system including effective management of health information system and efficient supply chain system for better health outcomes. It also aims at improving hospitals, rural health centers, basic health units and support provision in case of emergencies delivering relief in response to a natural and man-made disaster including health and nutrition services.

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