About Organization
  • Established in: 2010

  • Registration Law: Society Registration Act 1860

  • Themes & Interventions: Education, Economic Empowerment

  • What We Do: Awareness Rising, Advocacy

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Lahore

  • House No: 46 - R/1 Shadewal Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore.

  • Phone: 04235165417


The Sangat Development Foundation is a non-profit organization registered as society with the government, under the Societies Registration, XXI Act of 1860. It was re-organize and re-register with District governments of Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Vehari and Rahim-yar-khan in the year. The core team and its key leadership has vast experience of working with CSOs and Right based organizations for a long time and for providing unified legal effects to new registration with district governments, SANGAT Development Foundation (SDF) has similar main leadership at district levels and all are united in Lahore as head-office, with a governing body duly elected by all members from district offices, while its registration remains with 4 district governments; and all of the founding members have empowered one common leadership at headquarter level in Lahore, through their special resolutions. They also have created a TRUST for maintaining staffers’ welfare and supportive activities. The main leadership and the core staffers of SDF having long background of active engagement of political and social life are well recognized by all peace-loving and democratic circles in the country. The TDEA board of trustees had granting SDF its membership as partner of FAFEN from 2014 and LOGIN-Asia has also accepted SDF as its local partner in Pakistan since September 2016. The SDF is a membership based society and duly registered with EOBI and FBR authorities of Pakistan, regularly filling tax returns and contributions in EOBI funds. Its annual audit has been conducting by qualified Chartered Auditors firms’ regularly.


“The SANGAT Development Foundation firmly believes in a Democratic and Just Society in Pakistan that is non-discriminatory, Equitable and Pluralistic that would ensure equal rights and opportunities for all citizens irrespective of faith, gender, race and ethnicity in order to live without any harassment and prejudices, having full freedom of expression, according to own will.” And all citizens could enjoy Basic Human Rights without any prejudice and fear.


“SANGAT Development Foundation is determined to Struggle jointly to achieve a society in Pakistan; that would be socially just, economically productive and equitable, genuinely democratic and pluralistic, where there should not be any type of discrimination and exploitation on the basis of Gender, Race, faith, Class and Geography.”


This is a society not for profit, non-religious, a welfare and non-commercial society in its nature having no particular political affiliations.
To identify, advocate the issues regarding common citizen, children, women, working people and other minority people, and to peruse for their betterment through particular projects and program. More particularly, following steps shall be taken;To organize such research, educational and training programs through marginalized sections of society can be benefitted.
To organize awareness programs, forum and seminars in order to promote an informed citizenry;
To organize such number of cultural, literary and sport activities for the betterment of social life of women, children and other marginalized communities.
To organize consultative meetings in order to identify and highlight core social, political and societal issues, and to publish reports, pamphlets, and books on these issue and campaigning to solve them.
To build bridges between elected representatives and their electorates in order to identify priority areas of ordinary citizens.
To organize literary and cultural activities like theatre, Drama etc.
To achieve above mentioned objective, setting up libraries, reading rooms and school or training institutions.
To collaborate and cooperate with other like-minded organizations / groups, in order to provide them assistance in training etc.
To achieve its objectives, getting funds through legal and lawful means as grants, fees or subscriptions etc.
To make special efforts in order to promote and sustain the social and civic status of women.
To arrange activities in order to provide opportunities for youth for building their local leadership.
Society will promote awareness in the citizens for honoring and abiding by the country law and public interest.
Society will be critical on every type of & social exploitation.
Society will abide by and promote the principle of transparency and accountability.
Promote activities for securing and promoting the social and cultural values.
Society will assure to provide education and training, benefits by fair means, available resources and opportunities for the individuals affiliate with the society on priority bases.

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