About Organization
  • Established in: 2013

  • Registration Law: Society Registration Act 1860

  • Themes & Interventions: Education, Health, Women, Children, Economic Empowerment

  • What We Do: Awareness Rising, Service Delivery

Contact Details
  • Head Office at Rawalpindi

  • Street # 3 Main Road Chakalala Scheme # 3 Rawalpindi Pakistan

  • Phone: 03338130955

  • Email: trp.welfaresociety@gmail.com


1. This is the statement of the results of an Inquiry under Act 1860.

2. Paradise Welfare society (the Charity) was registered as a Charity on 2010. Its object can be summarized as: the advancement of education and the relief of the aged, sick, handicapped and poor and such other charitable purposes as the Trustees may with the approval of the Charity Commissioners resolve.

Paradise Environmental & Cmomunity

Welfare Society” Paradise NGO is one of such NGOs which are highly committed to fight against poverty, illiteracy, lack of health education and environmental health facilities, child labor and domestic violence against women. Paradise also provides legal aids to youth, juvenile, prisoners, drug addicts.


Our Mission

Empower the socially excluded through awareness-building, education and providing them the opportunity to exercise their basic rights through enhancement of their participation and representation in the social, economic, and political arena.


Aims & Objectives

The “Paradise” NGO acts as a connecting link between community and government departments and with other donor agencies as well. Its fundamental aim is to enhance and promote Basic and Environment Education. It works for the achievement of multi dimensional objectives like:



Protection of Environment

Awareness Rising about Environment

Improvement of working and living conditions of the lower community (especially of their children) of both rural and urban areas.

Provision of Basic Education to the children who don’t have access to formal education.

Over all development of female community.

Environmental Studies has been made compulsory in all schools to make aware the children about the importance of environment and ways to protect it. This has even been extended to colleges. But is it really making any significant difference in the lives of these innumerable kids who are going to shape the future of this country.

“Paradise NGO” has made consistent efforts through mass education in rural areas and for Children & females, motivation and different campaigns for awareness raising in the public in RWP District. In this regard, it has also organized constructive and effective seminars, workshops and arranged tours for the low-income community members. Resultantly, it has been recognized at National and International level through sensitization and institutionalization of the desperate female community. It is a ground reality that any government of developing countries is always dependent on extraneous factors, and agencies for creating healthy atmosphere for the neglected segments of the existing community. NGOs and welfare agencies have helped the government against all prevalent social evils and oppressive customs, such as extravagance, wasteful expenditure on ceremonies, beggary, weeded out concept elements, and dead, inactive and inefficient departments.


Education is a top priority for families in Pakistan, but about 20 million school-age children do not receive a basic education. TRP Memorial Welfare Association is helping ensure that Pakistan's children have access to a quality basic education as well as generous opportunities for higher education. Current projects focus on supporting teacher education, expanding the use of technology in the classroom, providing training to administrators in budgeting and finance, providing scholarships, and rehabilitating and reconstructing schools.

The need to change our current education system, the way we define educating people needs an urgent revamp. The tech savvy generation which has all the information on their finger tips is hungry and eager to bring breakthroughs, bringing the future of Sci-fi to present. All we have to do is to find a way to canalize their immense capability to right lines. These times are unprecedented in human history, vast human capital and powerful information sharing networks combine the intellect of billions of mind to create a global Mega Mind. This can be used to solve all the problems of humanity.


Paradise Environmental & Community Welfare Society”  Paradise NGO is one of such NGOs which are highly committed to fight against poverty, solid waste management, illiteracy, lack of health facilities, education, child labor , environmental pollution, domestic violence against women, facilitation of vocational training, provision of legal aids to youth, Juvenile, prisoners, drug addicted and rehabilitation of disabled and different females refugees in the camps.

With a sacred motive and to achieve desired goal, Paradise was founded in July 2013 with its Head Office in Rawalpindi and regional office in RWP. Since that, “Paradise NGO” has accomplished the following Ten (15) projects with the collaboration and financial assistance of other donor.

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