• Job Title: Translator - English to Urdu

  • Organization Name: UN Volunteers

  • Location: Islamabad

  • Number of Vacancies: 1

  • Gender: Any

  • Closing on: 2022-05-03

How to Apply
  • Note: it is an online job. Work from Home.


    U-Report is a free online tool to communicate and share issues that matter to young people. It allows young people from any community, anywhere in the world to speak out, respond to polls and become positive agents of change. You can find out more about U-Report here:

    Task description

    1. The Online Volunteer is expected to be fluent in the local language (preferably native) and English. 2. The Online Volunteer is required to submit the translation of each poll within 48 hours of the work assigned. The text in the word/poll will be approximately 1000 words. 3. The Online Volunteer should not be using google translation. Below are some of the guidelines for the assignments: Keep the translation as close to the original as possible Remember that you are talking to a young audience Use simple language, simple sentences yet relevant and technically correct Avoid jargon and slang Avoid words with ambiguous meanings, aim for wording that all respondents will interpret in the same way Strive for wording that is specific and concrete (as opposed to general and abstract) Avoid the use of single or double negations Google translation will not be accepted

  • Required experience

    1.Education-bachelor’s degree or more 2.As part of the selection process the candidates will be required to submit a paragraph translated into the local language. 3.Financial support is not provided. 4.Certificate of completion will be provided. 5.Should be able to work under tight deadlines. 6.Should have an interest in youth empowerment and youth engagement related work. 7.A background in translation and having an understanding of the youth-friendly tone of voice is an advantage.


    Urdu, Level: Mother tongue, Required

    English, Level: Working knowledge, Required

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