Established in 2007

Managing Director: Nadeem Haidar

Head office at Islamabad



AAN Associates is a ‘Social Enterprise’ established to enable development partners find simple, innovate, and cost-efficient and sustainable solutions to the development challenges. Our core values drive our work, hence contributing to our recognition as ‘Trusted Partners’. 

AAN has a wide network of partners and associates spread across continents which include universities, specialized research entities, think tanks, non-profit organization, consultants and consulting entities, and others. The network nature of profile has enabled us take on work and deliver successfully, by leveraging there presence and resources, across continents and countries. 

 The last decade is witness to AAN’s phenomenal expansion across services, sectors and the global footprint. The portfolio growth is humbling and inspirational and has come to add to our responsibility as ‘Trusted Partners’. The success has made us look for new models and approaches for sustainable growth in portfolio. Simultaneously, we are charting new territories to further broaden our portfolio and profile.