Established in 2014

Chief Executive Officer: Muhammad Ibrar

Head office at Mingora

Not selected, Mingora, Swat,

Societies Registration Act 1860


Community Management and Development Program (CMDP) is a non-government, non-political and not-for-profit development organization founded in 2015 and recognized under the societies act XXI of 1860, Pakistan in 2016. CMDP is dynamically working in a sphere of activities in malakand division KPK-Pakistan, especially in district Swat from the last three years for enabling the capabilities of the local communities to take initiatives for getting positive changes in their lives. CMDP progressed through distinctive developmental approaches and research-based initiatives to increase the awareness about the soaring social problems and its possible solutions to the community. To this determination CMDP proceeded with four key programs that is youth’s socio-economic development, community development for poverty alleviation, human resource and institutional development (HR&ID) and disadvantaged group’s livelihood assistance.


To develop societies where all the people perform to increase their lobbying towards sustainable socio-economic development and recover their means of support and improve their livelihood standards.


To manage the community to perform for the enhanced livelihood through available and accessible resources and make them accomplished citizens into the global framework of the humanity


1. To promote the socio-economic conditions of the women.

2. To uplift the lives of extremely poor through micro finance services for their socio-economic empowerment.

3. To build the capacity of the community through skill trainings, workshops, and exposure visits to promote the social mobilization among the communities for the collective actions and advocacy.

4. To upsurge the technical and vocational education services to produce skilled and productive persons to promote self-employment ratio for the industrial and economic development.

5. To provide a voice for the disadvantaged groups in the Communities as an effort to lobby support for alleviating their plight or improving their situation.

6. To carry out all legitimate and appropriate activities that promote community physical infrastructures (CPIs), peace and development in the society.

7. To improve and recover the environmental health and conserve natural resources of the area through active participation of the local community.

8. To empower the youth of the community and uphold their leadership and professional qualities so that they become a source of real change in the local communities.

9. To organize and accomplish opportunities for social, cultural and traditional home-based business activities for sharpening and exchange of the talents among the communities.

10. To enhance the access to primary health care (PHC) services of the poor communities for health seeking behavior, diseases prevention and health promotion.

11. To reduce socio-economic risks, caused due to the natural hazards and disasters.

12. To identify economic, social and other areas of concern and to undertake research with a view to devise appropriate development approaches and strategies to address them for the effective realization of the CMDP’s vision and philosophy.