Education, Awareness & Community Development (EACD) Organization | PAK-NGOs

Established in 2016

Chairperson: Madiha Aslam

Head office at Faisalabad

Faisalabad, Okara,

Societies Registration Act 1860


The idea of Education Awareness & Community Development Organization was floated between the committed expertises in various fields of life in 2015. The team gathered expert suggestions from each other and established EACD properly in 2016. Before getting in to the official registration they decided to rich their ideas in the field of humanitarian services. We believe in quality service to help achieve goals of communities and organizations we serve.

While working in the field they observed the needs of depressed women, deprived children and under privileged men in the rural set ups of Punjab After enriching their ideas from the field experiences EACD was registered in 2017 under Societies Registration Act, XXI Of 1860

EACD is a non- governmental not-for-profit, apolitical organization. It aims to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged rural & urban population, especially women, children minorities in Punjab As a catalyst for sustainable development; EACD is a non-governmental organization in EACD is mobilizing the self-help potential of the rural people. This can be accomplished through the EACD mobilization of poor communities to help them plan and execute their own development plan such as; better education system, better health & hygiene & clean drinking water

The rural development programs of EACD will help communities in mobilizing them for better education, health & hygiene & clean drinking water through natural resource management, physical infrastructure development and human resource development.