Established in 2013

President: Raja Safdar Iqbal

Head office at Not selected

Not selected,

Voluntary Social Welfare Organizations (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961

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To promote a society in which everybody including poor, marginalized and disadvantaged men and women have equal opportunities to realize their individual potential, both to contribute to their country’s economic and social development and to benefit equally from their participation in society


  • Enhancing the life standard in qualitative and quantitative terms so as to integrate the marginalized and vulnerable sections and help them to participate in the mainstream society.
  • We provide services to, advocate for the basic rights of deprived and ignored people and work for good governance in order to have socially and economically equitable society.


  • to empower marginalized and disadvantaged groups and strengthening efforts to build Self-reliance and to bring them to the mainstream of society.


  • To promote the development of children, women, disabled persons and backward Communities


  • To promote their participation in education, healthcare, economic and political activities.


  • To promote awareness and education for the target communities.


  • Improving living standards of poor, deprived and marginalized people through increasing income generation, capacity building, saving resources and linkages


  • To create awareness among the youth, women and men equally through civic education to make them aware of their right and responsibilities.


  • improving access to education, training and employment


  • Make all the women and men of less than 40 years and above 4 year literate,


  • To improve and care for the natural, cultural and physical environment; through enhancement and conservation of important local environments and heritage, awareness among and within masses.


  • To improve health status of communities through health education, environmental cleanliness, and increasing access to health services, particularly primary care , better health and reduced inequalities in health


  • Investing in communities and supporting community led solutions

Increase social capital and reduced social isolation