Established in 2015

Chief Executive Officer: Dr.Muhammad Junaid

Head office at Mansehra


Societies Registration Act 1860


Mehboob Charity Vision (MCV) was established in July 2015 and registered on May 30, 2016,under Society Registraion ACt 1860KPK, also registered and recognized by Health Care Commission KPK, Provincial Drug regulatory authority, Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan; to contribute to a life time of healthy vision, providing each patient the highest quality vision care and subsequent quality of life. Since its establishment MCV is busy to serve the underprivileged peoples of Hazara Division of K.P.K, Pakistan, which is always our priority number one through variety of activities like, organizing free outreach Eye Camps, Provision of Vision Glasses ,School Screenings &teachers training and medicines etc. In order to cater to the visual needs and wellness of each patient MCV was able to establish state of art eye hospital in the name of Mehboob Charity Vision International Eye Hospital at Main silk route,Gandhian,Mansehra,KPK, which is earthquake affected and much underserved region of Pakistan. All the times eye care is provided in compassionate manner. Mehboob Charity Vision Eye hospital remained at the front of the profession by offering latest technology, professional services and products. Mehboob Charity Vision has the ambition to restore vision to 40000 poor blind peoples by simple cataract operation and treatment of more than one million peoples suffering from eye ailments by 2025. MEHBOOB CHARITY VISION HAS LEGAL TAX EXEMPTED NPO STATUS UNDER SECTION 2(36) FROM FEDERAL BOARD OF REVENUE ,REGD#7350732