Movement for Awareness Relief And Motivation (MARAM) | PAK-NGOs

Established in 2013

CEO: Abdur Rehman Yousafzai

Head office at Peshawar


Voluntary Social Welfare Organizations (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961



“The Vision of “MARAM” is to have a better society, which is free of all kinds of deprivation and every human being is enjoying his/her right to live with dignity, education, health and all other opportunities making him/her a valuable and productive asset for the world”


Work for marginalized, inculcating positive changes in the lives of women & children through bringing a positive change in the human development index of the country.


Our values are to evolve “MARAM” as a transparent and sustainable organization, which will ensure right based approaches not only for its target beneficiaries but also for the employees of “MARAM”;
We will ensure active participation of all our target beneficiaries in planning and decision making;
We believe and acknowledge the strengths of other organization and will therefore work in close collaboration with other CSOs and networks of NGO’s where it is needed.