Established in 2014

Founder, President: USAID JAMAL

Head office at Karachi


Societies Registration Act 1860


Youth of Pakistan Foundation® is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. We are working since 3rd August, 2014. To date, we have hosted a number of programs that have helped our citizens which included ration bags distribution, clothes distribution, arranging Ramzan Datarkhuan, medical and dental camps. We have also conducted a number of workshops, debate competitions and so forth.

Be a volunteer and join hands with us to help the ones in need and spread smiles.


a) To Plan develop and establish special educational institutions i.e. Play group, K.G., Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools, O & A Levels Colleges, Higher Education and other such institutions as Computer Hardware and Software, Library, Reading Rooms, Research center, Adult Coaching Centre, Ladies Industrial Homes for the Training of Ladies, Vocational Institutes as considered.

b) To provide stipends, books and other educational materials to the poor students.

c) To arrange Cultural Shows, Competitions, Students Conventions, Sports Activities and Seminars, Lectures and Discussions for the diffusion of useful knowledge and also to establish reading rooms and libraries for benefit of members and General Public.

d) To promote any scheme which may tend to raise the standards of the academic professional or technical special education, in Pakistan and to promote the highest standards of competence, practice and conduct among the resident members of Foundation.

e) To provide a forum for research, scholars, specialists, experts, writers, speakers, thinkers for free intellectual interaction and to develop a consensus and understanding in vital Islamic issues.

f) To promote and foster study in arts, sciences, literature and to give literacy, arts and sciences awards, scholarships and prizes for its encouragement.

g) To provide for marriage, funeral or other religious ceremonies of orphans and other poor person and to help and support widows and stranded persons. To create relationship among different Societies having the similar aims and objects and together to do fight against illiteracy, poverty, misleading and all kinds of the crime.

h) To launch forestation campaign and subsequent protection on probono basis.

i) To work for collective welfare of its members.

j) To mobilize the members of the units in “SOCIETY” and persuade them to cooperate with each other to solve the problems.

k) To generally work to create pleasant atmosphere in society. This will contribute towards efficient running of all the units of the Society.

l) To provide financial assistance to its members in situation of their financial need.

m) To Provide Solar Systems to underprivileged area and people of country.

n) Tree Plantation to Prevent Heat Strokes and to benefit another generation.

o) Cleanliness to prevent environmental pollution.

p) Ration Distribution to underprivileged area of country and poor and needy peoples.

q) Dastarkhwan for street children, poor and needy peoples.

r) To Plan develop and establish Hospitals and Free Medical Camps, Free Treatment of poor peoples.

s) Ambulance Service.

t) Visits & Help Donations.

u) Camps in floods, earth quakes and any emergency.

v) Women Victim

w) Childs Victim

x) To promote brotherhood and friendship amongst the members of the foundation.

y) To settle dispute amicably amongst the member of the foundation.

z) To run the Foundation non- political, non- commercial and non- religious basis.

aa) The Foundation shall purely run on charitable basis.