Open Parliament – Bridging the gap between citizens and elected representatives

Parliament Watch and Reforms (PWR) is a project of Free and Fair Elections Network (FAFEN). Funded by the European Commission (EC), PWR strives to generate an objective discourse and action on performance of elected representatives and legislative bodies contributing to the parliamentary reforms.

FAFEN began directly observing proceedings of the National Assembly in December 2008. This unique initiative produced a valuable set of information on the performance of the Lower House and its members. In July 2011, the direct observation was extended to the Senate and the four Provincial Assemblies. PWR website is an interesting portal for those interested in knowing the performance of their elected representatives.

Here is how you can know more about what your representative (or any member of the parliament) has been up to during parliamentary proceedings. Remember that you can follow any member of National Assembly, Senate, and four provincial assemblies.

  • You visit this page (Representatives), and search for your representative. You would get a complete scorecard about your representative, which would give you:
    • A brief profile of the person
    • Type of his membership – directly elected, or nominated on a reserved seat.
    • Party Affiliation
    • Gender
    • Details of his contribution during house proceedings. How many times he/she spoke, on which issues, how long, and what was his point of view.
    • His/her assets – as per his/her asset statement submitted to election commission annually.
    • Details of his attendance of the house’s sittings.
  • Furthermore, you can subscribe to updates about your chosen representative. You would get an email notification whenever your chosen representative speaks in the respective assembly or Senate.
  • You can connect with your representative by clicking on this link. If you have a message for your representative, you can visit the above link, and leave a message with FAFEN. They will make sure your message is delivered to your representative.

That is a lot of information, which can be very useful for people to know how their representatives fare in their respective parliaments. We would encourage our users to visit PWR website, and find out more about their representatives. You will definitely find a lot more than we could tell you in this short article.

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