Pak NGOs launches WhatsApp alert service

In response to growing demand from its users, Pak NGOs has launched WhatsApp Alerts Service on December 1, 2019. It is a paid service. It can be availed even if a user is not in Pakistan. It remains active as long as the user’s WhatsApp account is active.

How it works:

Charges: Rs 1000 per year

The amount can be paid through easy paisa account. The WhatsApp number is 0333 8890823. The user MUST save this number in his/her phone in order to receive alerts.

The user can send a screen shot of the message he/she receives after making the payment, and request for activation of alerts for his/her number.

We request the users to send a confirmation when they receive first job/funding alert. You do not need to respond to the alerts afterwards.

Users can choose whether they want only job alerts, only funding alters, or both. Please mention this when you make a request.

The alert includes a title of the job/funding opportunity, and a link to the Pak NGOs webpage for that job/funding opportunity.

Note: Pak NGOs does NOT entertain calls on this number.

Remember! Pak NGOs values your privacy, and would not share your number with anyone. That is why we have not created a WhatsApp group. In WhatsApp groups, people can view other members’ cell numbers. Pak NGOs creates broadcast lists. A user in such a list does not know anything about other members on the list. Hence, your number will remain private – not visible to anyone except Pak NGOs staff.

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