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The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) (BKFA) operates from Australia, where Birthing Kits are assembled by hundreds of volunteers each year. BKFA does not employ any staff or volunteers overseas and therefore works in partnership with organisations on the ground in developing countries.
Our Field Partners are essential for facilitating the distribution of Birthing Kits to the mothers that need them most, and for providing us with information about the use and impact of the Birthing Kits.

We are accountable to those who support our organisation and assemble the Birthing Kits to ensure that they are appropriately distributed


we only work with organisations that:

  1. Are working in a developing country as per the List of Developing Countries as declared by the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Are a nonprofit entity registered with the relevant governing body in the country of implementation.
  3. Can ensure the Birthing Kits are provided in line with BKFA core policies and at no cost to beneficiaries.
  4. Can demonstrate prior experience implementing a community development program.
  5. Are adequately funded such that no additional cash resources are required to incorporate a Birthing Kit Grant into existing programs.
  6. Agree to cover all costs associated with collection, storage and distribution of Birthing Kits, and reporting on distribution, use and impact of Birthing Kits as required by the Grant
  7. Have access to the internet for communication and reporting purposes.
  8. Have the capacity to plan and provide birthing kits to the same project areas for at least 3 years.
How to Apply

The BKFA  Birthing Kit Grant Program is a partnership program aimed at enabling a safe pregnancy along with clean childbirth and postnatal environments. New and continuing Birthing Kit Grants are approved on an annual basis for organisations with demonstrated capacity and demand. The next BKFA  Birthing Kit Grant round is 1 July 2018 -30 June 2019.

For new applicants there is a two-stage application process:

  • Stage 1. Expression of Interest (EOI) Application
  • Stage 2. Full Application

The EOI Application deadline for the next grant period is 31 January 2018. If the EOI Application is successful, the applicant will be informed of the Stage 2 application process. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in March 2018.

Information about the eligibility of your organisation for a grant can be found on this page. If you would like to submit an EOI Application or have any questions about the Birthing Kit Grant process, please submit an enquiry here.