Children of the World campaign is designed to  work across  five  thematic  areas  of  health  and  nutrition, child  protection,  child  poverty,  education  and  child rights. Children have an absolute right to be safe. Yet girls and boys in every country, in every culture and at  every  social  level  face  forms  of  abuse,  neglect, exploitation  and  violence.  These  violations  include sexual  exploitation  and  abuse,  trafficking,  drug addiction,  child  labour,  physical  and  humiliating  punishment  along  with  harmful  traditional  practices affecting children and adolescents.  Protecting children from violence, abuse,  exploitation and neglect is essential  for  them  to  enjoy  their  rights  to  survival,  development  and  participation.  Abuse,  neglect violence and exploitation are  serious human rights violations that occur in  all parts of the world. This includes within the home, in schools, in institutions, at work, in the community, in armed conflicts and in natural  disasters. Exposure in one setting may be  compounded by violence in another. Violence  against children  is  increasingly  linked  across  countries  and  regions,  through  child  trafficking,  child  abusive images,  unsafe  migration,  and  the  increasing  frequency  of  migration  due  to  climate  related  disasters.

Children facing protection issues has negative effects that continue into their adult  life  –  and eventually have negative impact on communities and families. Our interventions  address the  immediate and long term child protection issues in urban and adjacent slum areas.

Our  priority  areas  –  Muslim  Charity’s  two  protection  priority  areas  for  the  period  2015-2020  are followings;

  • Children Without Adequate Care and Access to Basic Rights
  • Child Protection in Emergencies and Access to Basic Rights

The focus of each priority area, including goals and objectives, are described below:


All children thrive in a safe family environment and have access to all the children rights


  1. Abused, neglected  and  exploited  children  will  benefit  from  good-quality  preventive  and/or

remedial  interventions  within  an  improved  child  protection  system  within  families  or  care institutions.

  1. Children affected  by  armed  conflict  and  disaster  will  be  protected  from  abuse,  neglect,

exploitation  and  violence  through  preventive  and  remedial  interventions  based  on  the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Response

The Expected Results under this Request for Partnership Grants are followings;

  • Provide health, educational and other essential services to street children and those who are affected due to exploitation, neglect and are abused. The priority areas are:
    • Effective support to children who experience street  violence  and are addicted of drugs (£15,000 per annum)
    • Prevention of violence and abuse against children  at risk either with in their families or communities. (£15,000 per annum)
  • Provide preventive  and  curative  services  to  children at  risk and  victim  of  sexual  abuse (£15,000 per annum)
  • Provide services to children or juvenile in Jails to meet their basic rights. (£15,000 per annum)

Available Funds Total: £30,000 per component

Total Duration:     2 years


The following types of organizations are eligible for funding:

  • Not-for-profit, Non-Governmental, voluntary organizations and corporations Districts, Provincial, territorial, regional, and municipal governments and agencies
  • Organizations and institutions supported by provincial and territorial governments (regional health authorities, schools, post-secondary institutions, etc.)

More Information:

COW RFPG Document

MC HAP framework

MC Partnership Policy



How to Apply

Applications shall be sent before 23rd of March, 2018 to following email address on provided application format:

  1. RFPG Application Form
  2. Logical framework

Muslim Charity will make sure to provide you feed back within 2 weeks after receiving your application.