Young feminists are on the frontlines of efforts to resist, undo and mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

Yet, as noted by FRIDA community at the UN climate negotiations, women, and young women in particular, often remain on the margins of decision-making and forums on these issues.

FRIDA recognizes that climate change and environmental degradation constitute a significant threat to human and our planet’s well-being, and that these threats disproportionately impact on women’s well-being, survival and livelihoods. With the aim of ensuring that young feminists and young women are supported in continuing to play an active role in the global transition towards justice and sustainability; FRIDA is launching a special grant round for young feminist and young women-led groups focused on Climate and Environmental Justice in targeted regions and countries.



  • Special focus on frontline and young women environmental rights defenders. Groups, networks, or collectives that are diverse in their membership and made up of and/or working with socially marginalized young women especially: refugees, ethnic, national and caste minorities, rural women, urban poor, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, women living with HIV/AIDS, sex workers, women with disabilities, women living in armed conflicts and post conflict zones.
  • Small, emerging grassroots groups, networks, or collectives with little or no access to funding from larger donors.
  • Groups, networks, or collectives that are working on emerging or issues that have not received prior funding.
  • Groups, networks, or collectives located in remote underserved areas.
  • Groups using creative and innovative strategies to further their activism (including art, music, culture, poetry, social media etc.).



Groups founded or led by young women or trans* youth (under 30 years) that are committed to ALL of the following:
1) Advancing and defending women’s rights from a feminist perspective
2) Improving the lives of young women/trans* youth at local, national, regional or international levels;
3) Working towards climate and/or environmental justice, understood as defending a clean, healthy and safe environment while at the same time defending the rights of the most marginalized sectors, including women, indigenous groups, and/or others;


  • Inclusive organizing, collective action and feminist and/or environmental movement building
  • Groups founded in the past 6 years (i.e. your group was formed between 2011 – 2017)

Who is not supported:

  • Groups or organizations that display an intolerant attitude towards others on the basis of age, religion, sex, race/ethnicity, disability, class or sexual orientation.
  • Organizations working with young women and trans* youth but led by individuals over 30 years of age. We do not fund youth “programs” of existing organizations — we fund youth-led groups.
  • Groups that promote climate and environmental solutions and approaches that involve Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS, BECCS) or other technological and market-based approaches that lead or risk leading to land-grabbing and displacement; geo-engineering or other large-scale attempts to manipulate the Earth’s systems; nuclear energy, large hydropower dams or other large-scale energy solutions deemed risky and unsustainable; genetically modified crops and large-scale agrochemical-dependent monocultures such as palm oil and soy beans; and other measures that put biodiversity and ecosystems as well as the rights of indigenous, rural and marginalized populations at risk.
  • Scholarships, internship or school fees (including Doctoral and other academic research).
  • Groups with budgets over $25,000 USD.
  • Proposals submitted by individuals, government institutions, political organizations or religious groups.
  • Groups that focus only on the provision of direct services (e.g. formal education, technical training, craft or health care, etc.).
  • Groups that focus solely on income generating activities, without a strong social and environmental sustainability approach.
  • Groups based in countries outside of those listed.


Applications that DO NOT fit criteria will not be considered or reviewed. If you are not sure if you fit basic criteria, please take a look at our Climate and Environmental Justice grant round FAQ. In case your question is not included, please email us at and we will make sure to respond at the earliest convenience.


How to Apply

FRIDA is accepting proposals online! Please use this link to apply.

We strongly recommend that you read through the complete application form before you submit online. This will help you prepare complete responses before you begin your online submission. In order to makes sure that we receive your proposal please use the online form, rather than sending your proposal via email.

You may also: Email your application to

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