Note: The maximum amount is Pak Rs 3 million. (It is mistakenly mentioned in US Dollars, please make the correction.)

The purpose of this Request For Partner Applications (RFPA) is to invite proposals from reputable civil society and humanitarian organizations for implementation of Thirst Relief Programme in District Tharparkar. The proposal should clearly elaborate the proposed Water Solutions (House hold  Hand  pump/Communal  hand  pumps/deep  bore  hand  pumps/Rain  water  harvesting through  House  hold  tanks  etc),  community  mobilization,  awareness  raising,  participatory planning and monitoring, hygiene promotion. The proposal should  define how each component of Thirst Relief Programme will be implemented in target district.

2- Cost of proposal:

The offeror shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the proposal. Penny Appeal will be in no case responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct of outcome of the solicitation.

3-Budget Limitations:

Initial  funding  will  be  up  to  3  million  Pak  Rupees.  The  operational  and  personnel  cost  of  the project should not exceed 15% of the Progamme direct cost.



The  project  will  be  implemented  in  (District  Tharpakar  and  its  surroundings)  in  Sindh

province, Pakistan.

7-Security related issues to be taken into account:

The  offerors  need  to  take  into  account  the  sensitivity  of  the  both  issues  of  sub  cultures  and apprehensions  from  the  communities,  which  vary  in  all  regions,  keeping  in  view  the unpredictable  changes  in  the  plans  due  to  security/community  apprehensions  in  proposal planning and implementation.

8- Proposal Submission Deadline:

The  dead  line  for  proposals  submission  is  07  March,  2017.  Late  submission  and  incomplete

proposal submission would not be entertained.

9-Duration of the Contract to be offered to Selected Offeror/s:

The expected length of the project would not be more than 3 months.

10-Languages Required:

The written language of the proposal and correspondence shall be English only.


12-Documents comprising the proposal:

The proposal shall comprised of following components:

  1. Annexure-1: Narrative proposal format
  2. Annexure 2: Log Frame
  3. Design/Structure drawing, X-Section of proposed water solution (Hand pump etc) along

with Detail cost estimate, Cost abstract/BoQ.

  1. Annexure 3: Previous and Current project details format.
  2. Annexure 4: Cost Proposal/Budget


14-Branding and Visibility Policy:

Partner organization will follow Penny Appeal branding and visibility policy. The implementing partner  will  incorporate  Penny  Appeal  logo  in  all  project  documents  including  all  reports, committees’ formation/meetings, training manuals, Banners, vehicles etc. Implementing Partner will ensure Penny Appeal branding and visibility at every stage of the project. Every  event  organized  under  this  funding  agreement  will  be  specifically  picturized  with  high resolution Camera (30 mega pixels or above) with PAPk logo and sub programme logo.

The Implementing partner organization will facilitate Penny Appeal Media team and delegations to visit, capture, monitor and verify the project interventions.


Penny Appeal Pakistan reserves the right to alter the dates of the timetable. PA Pakistan does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any offeror. PA Pakistan is in no way responsible for the cost of preparation of the proposal.



4-Eligible Organizations:

1-  An  organization  registered  with  Government  of  Pakistan  as  Not  for  profit  and  non Government.

2-  The organization has active board of directors/governors.

3-  The organization is currently active in District Tharpakar.

4-  The organization has previous proven experience of implementation of WASH projects with reputable Donor/Fund managers.

5-  The organization has at least 3 year external audited accounts. 

6-  Any employee, director/governor and/or other stakeholder or organization itself is not involved in any anti-state activity at any level.

7-  Organization should have NOC from district government.

8-  The  organization  will  ensure  Work  allow/NOC  from  concern  Government  Authorities regarding proposed project implementation.

5-Organization who cannot apply:

1-  Individuals/unregistered groups/consultants cannot apply.

2-  Business/For profit organizations cannot apply.

3-  Organizations involved in any anti-state activity cannot apply.

4-  Organizations having political or religious affiliation cannot apply.

How to Apply

11- Submission of Documents:

All the documents in zipped folder should be submitted through following email:

The subject line should be: “Org Name - Project Proposal Thirst Relief Tharparkar”

13-Following Documents will be required along with proposal submission:

  1. Certification of Registration of organization
  2. List of Board of Governors/Directors along with CNIC, Address, Occupations and Contact details.
  3. CVs of Core staff and Project Staff.
  4. Copy of Constitution of organization.
  5. Organogram of the organization
  6. Audit reports of Last 3 years (External Audit)
  7. Reference details from 2 current or previous Donors.
  8. Child protection Policy
  9. Procurement policy
  10. Financial policy
  11. Complaint Response Mechanism Policy
  12. Anti-terrorism Policy
  13. Anti-Fraud policy
  14. Organizational Profile

16-Following Documents are part of this RFPA:

1-  Annexure -A: PAPk Narrative Proposal Format

2-  Annexure -B: Project Log-frame

3-  Annexure -C: PAPk Cost Proposal/Budget

Note from Pak NGOs Administration:

The above highlighted documents (formats) can be requested from Pak NGOs. Please send a request to