The Humanitarian Clean Cooking Fund (HCCF) is a new grant fund established by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves with support from the Norwegian Agency for International Development. Its primary objective is to increase access to cleaner fuels and more efficient cooking technologies among crisis-affected people through the scale-up of successful cooking interventions in humanitarian settings. HCCF also aims to foster innovations in program design and increase investment in alternative fuels and cooking technologies, which will improve health, save lives, reduce costs, and promote safety among humanitarian populations.



§  The applicant organization must be a registered partner of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Applicants who are not currently a Partner must be registered prior to submitting their project concept.

§  Applicant organizations are required to submit evidence of legal and financial operating status, as well as permission to operate in the country where the project will be implemented. Organizations can include, but are not limited to, forprofit companies, social enterprises, foundations, and non-profits. Partnerships between private sector and humanitarian organizations are encouraged to the extent that they benefit the project, but are not required.

§  Applicant organizations must have been in operation for at least three years and demonstrate that they have a track record in delivering similar types of projects. If applicants are submitting as part of a consortium, the lead applicant must have been in operation for at least three years.

§  Proposed projects must have been previously implemented (or “piloted”) and produced measurable benefits in at least one humanitarian setting.

§  Proposed projects should aim to improve the lives of crisis-affected people in at least two of the Alliance’s key mission areas, which are health, livelihoods, women’s empowerment, and environmental protection.

§  Project may take place in any country, state, or region; however, the location or beneficiaries should be mostly “off-grid,” i.e. lacking access to a large, share electrical grid.

§  Proposed projects must primarily benefit a humanitarian population, although co-benefits for neighboring communities are encouraged.

§  Proposed projects must focus primarily on cooking technologies, fuels, and/or distribution methods for a humanitarian population.

How to Apply

The Alliance invites qualified organizations to submit project concepts for consideration by July 21st, 2017. To apply, download and review the Call for Concepts and Application Form. Following an initial review, the Alliance will invite a select number of candidates to submit full proposals. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Eligibility requirements before submitting.

The Alliance will hold a partner webinar on July 12th, 2017, to provide more information on HCCF and address frequently asked questions. Register here to attend. Questions may be addressed to in advance of the webinar.