The Pakistan Evidence and Learning Platform (PELP) is pleased to announce the call for proposal of the Innovation Grant Mechanism which has been officially launched on 16 February 2018 during the PELP launch event in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The PELP seeks to increase the accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the humanitarian system through three interconnected components, namely: 1) Knowledge Hub and Learning Solutions, 2) Third-Party Monitoring, and 3) Innovation Grants Mechanism. 

The PELP Innovation Grant Mechanism is designed to boost innovation in support of the humanitarian to development nexus in Pakistan. It aims at identifying and supporting the development, testing and potential scaling up of innovations for humanitarian action.  

The thematic areas for funding are:  

  1. Sustainable energy 
  2. Sustainable water use 
  3. Emergency shelter 
  4. Protection 

The Grant Mechanism promotes sustainability as a key focus for innovation for humanitarian action. It also encourages collaboration between actors, including the private sector, to co-invest in ideas that can influence humanitarian action for greater impact. In practice, this means identifying solid people-centred innovative solutions, testing them and learning from their results to advance humanitarian action in Pakistan.  


The Innovation Grant Mechanism is aimed at organizations (NGOs, INGOs, UN), Government, academia and private sector working on humanitarian issues that are based in Pakistan. Organizations leading Multi-Year Humanitarian Programme funded activities are not eligible as innovation is taking place as part of the programme already and will link into the PELP Knowledge Hub by default. Innovative solutions are promoted in the Multi-Year Humanitarian Programme and can also build on synergies with the PELP Innovation Grant Mechanism.

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How to Apply

Use the provided template (Word) and send the application by email to

All proposals should be submitted in English and respect the allotted number of words for each section.